BrillKid’s Success Story -He Read His First Book at 4 Years Old

BrillKids is paying off!

Well all of our hard work with BrillKids Little Reader is paying off! Wesley read his first book almost independent. He even read a new word without being taught it. Mind you this is a very simple book “The cat sees me… The dog sees me…etc.” BUT even so this is his first book, he was reading the words by himself, and he had never read the story before. I’m so proud of him.

Just decided to try and see what would happen…

I had these books ready but never showed them to him. We had our parent tutor overlap today. This is where his ABA Senior Tutor and I have a meeting. She goes sits down and goes over the programs I am running with Wes to make sure I am running them correctly. This is also a time for me to ask her any questions I might have.  Today she just suggested we just try these new books and see how well it goes.

Well he read about 85% independently. His senior was just jumping with joy, saying “I can’t believe this, I mean he’s only four!” “You have to bring this book to the next clinic meeting so we can show Rene(his ABA consultant), he’s not going to believe me when i tell him this.” Needless to say, I was so proud of him.

Helpful Products

This goes to prove what an amazing product BrilKid’s Little Reader program is. If a busy mom who works full time can teach her child to read before Kindergarten, anyone can with this program.

Another thing he has learned this week is his days of the week!! It is so cute to hear him recite them to me. To help him learn we have been using the CD Learning Is Fun by Hesita.

I love this product. The songs are simple but help kids learn. Right now we are focused on the cementing the days of the week in our head. Repetition does wonders for our minds. Were also learning our months of the years, and countries and continents.

The company I purchased it from is great too. One of the two discs only plays when it feels like it. So I emailed and explained my problem and they called me back in 5 mins. No joke it was that fast. They originally wanted me to send the product back but when they found out I was from Canada, they said to nevermind that part because shipping would be so much. So they are sending me a replacement disc.(Update: the company has now changed hands since I last wrote this, I suggest looking for these CDs by Hestia on

Please don’t leave teaching your child to read to the teachers. Don’t miss out on this awesome and rewarding time with your child.


2 thoughts on “BrillKid’s Success Story -He Read His First Book at 4 Years Old

  1. That is really good news! Congratulations!
    By the way, I see that you asked about Readeez in the Brillkids forum. I just posted a little background info on how the Readeez technique evolved on our new blog. It’s here:

    Attending a seminar with Glenn and Janet Doman in Pennsylvania played an important role in Readeez’ evolution. That said, I think of Readeez as more of a complement to other reading programs than as the centerpiece for instruction. The videos are designed to be entertaining, such that the reading instruction takes place more on an unconsious level.
    Hope this helps.
    Michael, creator of Readeez

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