Day In the Life of an ABA Family – Maybe losing our tutor!!!

ABA Family

Welcome to the life of an ABA Family.

We found out today off the record from a source that our tutor might be leaving us.  The centre that hired her promised her a certain wage after for 3 months, and in the end after a amazing review gave her a an insulting 26 cent raise. So she was depending on making more and now may not be able to afford to keep working with the company or with Wesley.

I told them his dad and I are prepared to offer her the 2 dollars an hour more out of our pockets. But really the centre should honor there promise.

Frustrating Beyond Belief

Its so darn frustrating for our family. Previously before we had a terrible tutor who fell asleep on a public bus and a public park during a field trip while supervising Wesley. Her lack of commitment and motivation cost Wesley 3 months of a 3 year program while they trained her replacement. We can’t afford to waste another 3 months.

I’m at wits end. This is unbelievably fair to my son.  Plus Wesley is running so many program, it would be so hard for a new tutor to jump in and keep up to him 🙁

So once she announces this is what she is thinking, my ex and I(hopefully our consultant too) are going to the CEO of the company and were going to fight to keep her.

The person we heard this from told me this doesn’t think she would accept the money from us, but I don’t know I have to figure something out…