How to Teach Your Preschooler the Days of the Week

How to Teach Your Preschooler the Days of the Week

Well I just counted out all Wesley’s retired flashcards that he has shown me he can read 90% of the time(other 10% he’s not focusing)and we are at 195 words!!! That’s not bad for just really starting just 4 months ago!

Some of these words he has learned were the days of the week. While its great to be able to read the words, I wanted him to learn in what order they go in. So Mr Wesley is also learning to sort the days of the week.

The first step is using the Doman method in the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read (The Gentle Revolution Series)“, and teach your child how to read the days of the week.

I start with Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I mix them up and asked him to sort them in order.


After 2 days I added Thursday. We did this for 3 days before we added the next one because I found that unless Wesley was really focusing he often mixed up Tuesday and Thursday.


Today I felt he was ready to add in Friday. Of course he was able to sort them no problem. He made mistake here and there when he was rushing, but when paying attention got it right away.


LOL then he asked me were Saturday was. So in regular Doman style, I stopped when he still wanted more and told him we will introduce Saturday tomorrow 🙂

I also played the “Days of the Week”, found on this CD Learning Is Fun every day in the car on our way to daycare.
I’m hoping that our next step will be the months of the year.

Share with me how you teach your children the days of the week!