Eye Check Up for Wes//Homeschool Lesson with Handwriting Without Tears

Well I was home today. I had the worst head cold. I don’t usually stay home for that kind of stuff but my eyes were swollen and watery. Plus Wesley has been complaining about his eyes hurting him this weekend so I took him to the eye doctor.
He was so good! He thought it was like school because he was being asked to name then letters. LOL he’s say “T. T says Tah” Turns out he has perfect vision, his eyes are a little dry and that’s whats bugging him.

So instead of spending the morning with his ABA tutor, he spent it with me. He asked to do “words” a million times. “Words” usually means a mixture of flashcards. Right now he knows his time when it comes to hours and half hours, and today I introduced 15 mins. We are also working on some basic sight words, organs, sea creatures and musical instruments. I still don’t see how he can tell the difference between a oboe and a clarinet but he can lol.
To end the day after I got some meds, I was making dinner and he was demanding some attention lol. So I pulled out our “Handwriting without Tears” wooden pieces and he did those at the kitchen table while I cooked.

I’m still waiting for my Tweedlewinks DVD’s and Themes to Remember Cd and book to come in… I’m so excited. I’d really like to order “Your Child Can Read” and this other Math program another mom recommended but I have to pace myself. LOL don’t want to go broke 🙂