Homeschooling a Child with Autism – Day in the Life

Well our homeschooling routine is going well. When the daycare babies leave for the day we sit down and do our “work”. During the time when the babies are napping, I try to do a few lessons here or there to break things up a bit.

So far we are LOVING Math-U-See Primer. We are working on the Primer level. It seems to give lots of practice and as we move on to other concepts they throw what you learned in the past to keep it fresh. We have been working on it for about 2 weeks, and we are starting Lesson 3.

Homeschool Money Saving Tip

I pulled the book apart and put it in a binder so that I could just remove the pages we are working on and put them in a clear sheet protector. We then use dry erase markers, so that way I can save the workbook in case we need to go back and review. Also I can use it for future children which is nice too.

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read -First Grade is going great. I’m doing that for language with a mix of Little Reader and Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs has become almost an addiction for us. Since Friday he has almost completed a full map. I think part of this to is the fact that he didn’t perform properly on the test. He slipped while taking the placement test and for the sound effect for the incorrect answer more interesting, so he purposely got 3 more questions wrong. But hey a bit of review isn’t bad right?

Hooked on French was dropped of by the UPS guy today. To be honest… I’m disappointed. The readers it comes with are in English and only the words they want them to learn are in french. I personally believe in a more immersion approach. The workbook looks pretty user friendly, so I’m hoping I can salvage the kit.

I should really go to the Library and order some french audio lessons. He also seems to be liking Little Pim: French for Kids. I have a few more products I’m hoping to get in the mail soon that might help our journey.

We just finished the yellow book in Hooked on Handwriting – Learn to Print Kit. I’m looking forward to starting the next level!

He has an real ear for music. I’m working really hard at fostering that for him, but with me being Musically Challenged, it’s not so easy. Luckily on the Brillkids forum there is a person on there that has much more musical expertise if you will, that has given me some great suggestions.

Wes has been sitting this week at the keyboard I bought him at a garage sale for 1 dollar and copying what they say on Tweedlewinks. First he announces “This is C sharp,” and hits the key (like I said I’m not sure if it is correct, but I’m guessing him practicing is the way he is going to figure out if that sounds like what he has learned, so I don’t interfere because I really don’t know.) But It sounds like I’m going to have to learn. Then he says ” this is half a note” and plays, then this is a quarter note, and goes alittle faster. Its pretty amazing. I just wonder what else is soaking into that cute head of his that I don’t even know.

I’m putting an end to Your Baby Can Learn! (formally know as Your Baby Can Read), unless he’s tired and is just chilling. This series is amazing, however now that he can read all the words in the program, there is no benefit. He is past the reviewing stage and knows the materials taught like the back of his hand. I’m getting Your Child Can Read! in the mail soon hopefully. So I’m hoping that will bring a whole new perspective to the situation. Until then he is still doing Little Reader, Hooked on Phonics and Tweedlewinks.

The weather has been so hot around here I’ve been trying to get us all outside as much as possible. However its a little tricky as my daycare babies are 17 months and younger and tend to overheat. I’m hoping that the temperature drops just a few more degrees so we can go out and stay out longer.

Well I better clean up and get ready for another day. All and all I’m a lot happier now that I get to stay at home with my baby. And I maybe old fashion but I really like getting dinner cooking in the crockpot and having dinner on the table when my BF gets home. Its nice to have dinner ready at a good time, and being able to relax during the evening instead of cooking dinner.