Five Year Olds 1500 Book Challenge!

So I decided that we dont read enough in our home. This being said, my son now has trouble sitting for stories, unless he is stalling for bed. I realize that this is one of the most important things for him. He needs to hear me, or other adults read outloud to him. When I was working, if there was time we would read a book or two at night, sometimes we were great at this, other times not so good.
Now that we are at home full time, he is not getting any reading outloud anywheres but home. So I created a challenge. On his Fifth birthday (June 9th) I made a new list on my iPhone, called “5Year Olds 1500 Book Challenge”. We are going to read together atleast 1500 different books by June 9th, 2011. Sounds like alot, but really, its like 4.1 books a night.
I think this will keep me accountable, and is exciting for my son to see his list grow.
Another thing I’m going to do is start collecting books again. For a while I thought, “Really Monique! The kids got enough books already!” But I read somewhere (shoot! I forgot to book mark the site!!)that the more books available to a child the better they did in school in the future. Basically the larger the home library, the more the child wanted to learn, and went further in there education. And really! At this age you can get tons of great used kids books at thrift stores and garage sale. Forget having to pay $4.95 for a storybook, you can get them from 50cents used sometimes. I’ve also seen great titles at the dollarstore, like Franklin or Clifford.
Anyhow 4 days in we have read 20 books 🙂
I challenge you, keep a long of what you and your child read, and set a goal! Its fun!

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