I missed so much…

It really hit me today. By my son being in daycare from 11.5months old till he was almost 5years old. I missed so much of his life. It was a nessessity. There was not much I could do, being a single mother. I had to put a roof over our head and food in our bellies, but today while I sat and played with my daycare babies, I couldn’t help noticing all the things there parents were missing. And with that all the things I missed with my son.
They say the little things matter, and they do… I laughed as I watched babies who could barely talk yell, “touch down!” and they through a foam ball down to the floor. I cuddle them when they are hurt, read them stories, teach them to share… This is all stuff a complete stranger taught my son. I promise myself, I will NEVER work outside the home full time while I have children who need me. I want to raise my children.
With my son, he still has his tutor that comes to do therapy with him, but they are upstairs and come down to see me often. I can sit down and have 3 meals a day with him. I can read with him on his breaks and as soon as my daycare babies are gone home for the day, we sit and do his school work for 45mins or so. Then because I haven;t spent hours in the car commuting and have been picking away slowly at house work through out the day, I have time to read more then one book at night with him. Today is our second week doing out 1500 book challenge and we are right on schedule at 58 books read πŸ™‚
Well I’m off to get some printouts for Wes and the daycare babies relating to our theme next week, cows and summer πŸ™‚
Have a great evening!

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