Well Then What Does He Eat?

Healthy Gluten/Dairy Free diet
I have been feeding my son a dairy free diet for almost 4 years and gluten free for 2.5 years. People always ask “What DOES he eat then?”
So here is how I go about it 🙂
Breakfast food options
– pancakes/waffles made with gluten free flours
– eggs
– Chex cereal
– toast (gluten free)
– homemade gluten free muffins
– fresh fruit
– goats milk yogurt(new thing for us, some people can handle soy yogurt but my son can’t tolerated soy products and it’s really not that healthy for kids)
– usually left over dinners
– chicken, beef or pork cooked plain or with a gluten free sauce
– plain rice
– baked potatos
– any veggie steamed
– baked potatoes
– rice noodles with pasta sauce
– homemade soups
– homemade chili with tons of veggies
– tacos and salsa
– airpopped popcorn
– dried fruit
– raision
– applesauce
– raw fruits and veggies
– lays BBQ chips
– rockets
– skittles
– homemade cookies and cupcakes
– prepackaged gluten free cookies and cereal bars
I basically modify any recipe to fit his diet. I replace rice flour for regular flour. It taste a little “griddier” but not bad. Gluten free baking powder for regular. Rice or goats milk for cows milk. 
If your looking for ideas for yourself or  your child feel free to ask me 🙂 Ill try my best to help you if I can 🙂

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