Trebellina and Friends DVD Review – Updated June 2019

Trebellina and Friends

Trebellina and Friends

Are looking for a great, fun way to teach your child how to read music? The Cristofori Baby Company have created a wonderful, fun DVD called “Trebellina and Friends.” They also carry flashcards and cute t-shirts with the characters on them too. I have the honor of reviewing this great product.

UPDATED June 25th, 2019: Right now looks like the only place to purchase this DVD is through Amazon. I cannot also no longer find the T-Shirts or Flashcards on their website.

(How come my son who use to be a ham for the camera will not pose anymore without a fight lol)

Awards Won

“Trebellina and Friends” have won many awards including “Dr.Toy 100 Best Children’s Products” and “iParenting Media Award” The moment I turn on this DVD my five year old and my 3 daycare babies(under 2) are instantly drawn to the bright colors and clear music. The DVD not only teaches your child about music notes, but also different instruments. My son actually corrected another children’s DVD that called tubular bells, chimes. He turn to be and said “No those are Tubular Bells”. So it is clear that he is absorbing the information.

Attention to Details

I especially like the little attention to deal, for example during the “boring” copyright warning at the beginning of the DVD they have a little count down on the side of the screen for the kids to watch and countdown to the start of the movie.

UPDATE November 2018: While DVDs created now 10 years later are of course are created with fancier technology, this DVD is still a hit with my daycare kids.

But why would even what your child to learn music?

While I don’t think this video will teach your child to read music overnight, its a great introduction. Enough to get the child interested to learn more.

You can read study after study that shows that children who learn to play an instrument have a major upper hand. Learning to play a musical instrument can improve fine motor skills, language, math skills, the list goes on.

All and all I found this a great DVD to share with my children. The characters are lovable, and educational.

UPDATE Nov 2018: You can check of these articles to learn more about how music affects young developing brains

Children’s brains develop faster with music training

The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Development

Why music is key to your child’s development

Interested in Getting a Copy For Your Child?
As of November 2018 Cristofori Baby Company website no longer seems to have an online store. However I was able to find copies of this DVD on Amazon. Trebellina Ages 1-4 Music Dvd

I was provided this DVD at no cost for an honest review. I was not paid to post this review, however this post does contain affiliate links.

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  1. Rock Bassey would probably be the favorite around here.

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  2. From the day we showed my daughter Trebellina DVD, she LOVED the… Trebellina, she would wave her hands when I would singsong t-r-e-b-e-L-L-i-n-a, the way Rock Bassey does!

  3. We LIKE Trebellina on the Facebook, hopefully our friends will like this great company and their products as well!

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