Monki See Monki Do Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I’ve had the honor to review the Monki See Monki Do Learning Made Baby Reading Program. Krista Guerrero the creator of MonkiSee and a homeschooling mom of 6 has used this system to teach her two youngest children to read. Krista has been involved in childhood education since her first daughter was born over 12 years ago.
The set includes:
MonkiSee "Baby's First Words" DVD Vol 1 Baby’s First Words– Which teaches babies to read and identify their first 40 words, including all their body parts. This is designed for children 3months to 2 years old.Baby’s First Words
MonkiSee "All About Colors" DVD Volume 2 All About Colors– teaches baies to read, recognize and spell all the colors. This is designed for children 3months to 4 years oldAll About Colors
MonkiSee "All About Shapes" DVD Volume 3 All about Shapes– teaches baies to read, recognize and spell all the different shapes. This is designed for children 3months to 4 years oldAll About Shapes
Memoflix Video Flash Cards Volume 1Memoflix– Memoflix Video Flash Cards Feature 80 Categories and 800 words to teach your baby to read. Now available on DVD. Babies learn to read and recognize 100 animals, vehicles, actions, colors, quantities, items around the house and much more. Memoflix video flash cards have words, pictures and sound effects, making learning a fun experience for your little one.
A Guide to Teaching Babies to ReadA Guide to Teaching Babies to Read– An 80 minute guide that is jam packed with all the information you would ever need to know to begin teaching your baby to read

I have been showing my children and daycare children these videos for a few weeks now, they range between 14months and 5 years old. They just love Skip and Howie the monkeys. My one daycare child gets excited when he sees me pull out the DVD box and starts making noises like a monkey. I play it during free play, the children have the option to play or watch the video. Most of the time they do both. They will start playing and then get interested in the DVD and watch for a few mins. And they are kind of back and forth. You know what, this is perfect, because young children don’t learn like we do. They are right brain dominant and can pick up stuff from the videos even though they don’t appear to be watching. They really enjoy the catchy little songs and get up and dance along.
The thing that shocked me was my five year old son and four year old stepdaughter sit down and enjoy these videos too. I thought for sure they would be too old for them, especially seeing as they no longer want anything to do with other “Teach Your Baby to Read” products out there. This was a fresh new way to look at words for them. They seem to especially like the colors video. My kids love changing their favorite colors,  and every weekend when we pick up my stepdaughter, the first question they ask each other is “Whats your Favorite color this week.” I like that the DVDs don’t stick to the basics and get some less common colors like gold and silver involved. Its great that Skip and Howie also focus on teaching the kids how to spell the words they are learning too.
I really enjoyed MemoFlix. Usually right brain flashcards and me don’t mix. I’ve actually contacted other companies about their products because they have made me feel like I’m getting car sick or have even give me migraines, and I feared what effect it had on my son. Turns out that some people are just more sensitive then others, and as we all know kids process things different adults, so my son has never had the same reaction. That being said I still like to sit down and watch these videos with my son, and Memoflix does not trigger these episodes for me. So my son and I can sit and watch it together, and its nice to actually be able to look at the screen when he gets excited about a new word.
As for the Guide To Teaching Babies to Read. Very well done, Krista offers parents ideas and tips on helping your baby learn to read. She does shows parents how to make flashcards and book, as well as how to show them to your child. After watching this video she’s motivated ME to start collecting flyers and magazines so I can create some books for my children too.
Be sure to check out Krista’s blog here. She has great articles about helping your children learn to read, lists of wonderful books and great links for other resources. I visit often and get tons of ideas from her.

Good Luck!!

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  1. I would LOVE to try Memoflix! But to tell you the truth all of these DVDs look very interesting! And of course I like that it was created by Mom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. We gladly follow this blog! So exciting to see such a wonderful mom to do all of this things with her child! God Bless!

  3. We would love to try out Memoflix with our kids, we can never have too many flashcards!

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  6. I would choose “A Guide to Teaching Babies to Read”.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


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  7. So hard to choose! I think we would try All About Shapes first. Although Memoflix looks great!

  8. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a Monki See DVD! They all look wonderful, but I think I would like Baby’s First Words best.

  9. I am following “Doman, ABA, Dayhome and Homeschooling Momma” publicly – & I love it by the way! I’ve read a few posts so far and am really enjoying it, especially because we are working on speech & some other areas with our dd as well.

  10. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a Monki See DVDs! I am sure they all pretty good for my son. Especially, I’d love to try All about colors, since my son is still learning with the colors.

    -Lina Siauw

  11. I just Subscribed to Intellectual Baby and I would love to try Monki see DVDs.sthomas

  12. I’m wondering if I need to leave my email. I forgot to ask the other day when I fulfilled the other requirements for the draw. Please reply if you need it. I’ll check back.
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  13. I would really love to have the memoflix set, I already went through all the free online catagories and my baby has loved them!

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