Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. It really matters how you handle yourself.

I’m on the beach relaxing in the sun with my cat while my bf and stepdaughter play in the water. So seeing as I don’t really like playing in the water I might as well blog lol.
This weekend I took the kids to my Memeres house for a visit. Wesley brought his board game Trouble and taught Memere how to play. But it turned into a long game and half way throught he decided he was done, as did my step daughter so they ended on a good note.
I started thinking about a few months ago when I picked Wes up from his old daycare. I walked in and there were 4 children playing Candyland. The teacher asked me if I had any suggestions how to play the game so everyone wins. Some of the children were having trouble losing. I said “No, we usually play the regular rules.”
The more I thought about it the more convinced the point of board game is to teach children, well of course skills like numbers, colors, etc also social skills. Like your not always going to win, and you have to learn to win gracefully and learn how to lose as well.
I think that just because a child hits the floor in a temper tantrum does not mean you should have to change the rules of the game. You should use this time to teach them good character. Helping them congratulate the winner.
When my son beats me at a game (sad part is this happens often lol) I say “ah man! You beat me! Good game, you really got me on that last move” Its ok to be disappointed in losing. But it’s how you handle yourself. And my examples seemed to work. He laughs when someone gets his piece in Trouble and says “oh man! You got me!” If he wins he says “I win! Good game! Want to play again?” I don’t allow gloating, and we haven’t had an issue yet.
I know some children are more compeitive then others but I mean we need to prepare our kids for the future. Now a days I’m school everyone makes the basketball team no matter what. What happened to working really hard for something? What happened to not always winning? Do you think everyone that applies for the promotion at work is going to get it? Everything we do is preparing our children for real life. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. What really defines us as who were are is how we handle ourselves when these things happen.

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