Teach Your Child to Read in Just 10 Minutes a Day

I couldn’t keep this one to myself. A few months ago someone on the Brillkids website brought up the book “Teach Your Child to Read in Just 10 Minutes a Day” by Sidney Ledson. I had looked up the website, which is just a single page, and read a bit about the schools Sidney Ledson runs and his books. The idea interested me, but I like as much information as possible before I go out an buy something, and this author interested me because his schools are based in Ontario, Canada. But even after calling the schools, and endless time on Google, I couldn’t find much about his methods.
Well last week, I stumbled across his book again on amazon. *Sigh*, I was too curious so I bought it. Well it arrived Monday and I could not put the book down. on Tuesday I constructed the “block game” and Wednesday I introduced it to Wesley.




First let me say, I found Sidney Ledson’s book very easy to read. He runs several schools that teach children as young as two to read. He gives step by step instructions, how to teach preschoolers, Kindergarten and Grade 1, as well as students that are older but are not reading or reading poorly. In his school his success rate of teaching a child to read is 100%. And the kids have fun learning. Everything in taught using the block game. Now if you don’t like using rewards this program might now be for you. Ledson reccommends using edibles for young children, and dimes for older children(so they can save up for a much wanted item as a reward). The board is easy to construct. You use a long sheet of paper with 12 spots and an egg carton cut in half and taped together so there is 12 cups in a line.
He has you introduce one letter sound at a time, and slowly adding in another till you make words. For starters you introduce U, then P, then build the word UP, then PUP. Next you teach them C, then the word CUP. You teach them to sound out the words, even though my son knows the word is CUP I still direct him to sound out the word then put them together. I hoping this will teach him out to sound out words he doesn’t know. My son did not want to stop playing. We used tiny mini Marshmellows for the reward and to make them last longer he had to land 3 cards on that one spot to eat them, not just one card one treat.
Ledson suggested something that goes against everything I was taught about teaching as child to read before. That is to use capital letters!?!?! WHAT!? That was my reaction when I read this. I had always been told to use lower case because thats what 90% if not more of the writing is printed in, in the real words. He had an interesting agruement. A lot of children who don’t have a grasp on phonics guess words. They read the sentence and fill in a word using clues from the pictures, the rest of the sentence,etc. Ledson says not to allow you child to guess the word by its shape or content, they should sound out words they can’t read. And by using capital letters they can not guess the word by shape because all the letters are the same size. You introduce lower case later when your child has a good grasp of reading using phonics. He claims his children, and children in his schools transition very easily to lower case.
If you follow the schedule provided the average timeline is 45days to complete to course in a 1:1 student teacher ration, and he claims if a teacher were to use this program with his/her classroom they would be reading over 100 words LONG before Christmas.
So I have tried two sessions with my son and he is liking it. He is learning to sound out words which is great because we were having trouble getting him to sound out words, he would look at the word fat, and all he would see was the end “at” and he would guess cat. He has many sight words, just I think he needs more. Introducing phonic families, was kind of helping but it was a lot of guessing. So we are going to try this program for the next 2-3 months and see were it takes us. I promise to keep you guys posted.
Would I reccomend this book. As of right now without even getting full force into the program I thought it was very good. Easy to read, and full of good ideas. I really wasn’t sure how my son would react to this and he has welcomed it with open arms. Even the suggestion of posting the words your working on around the house has helped. I thought he would just ignore the words I posted on the fridge, but while I did dishes he came in and sounded them out for “practice”.
I hope all my Canadian readers had a happy Canada Day yesterday 🙂


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