What my Child is Reading July 11th/10

Yesterday was suppose to be a nice relaxing day. I packed a picnic and we drove an hour out of town to Falcon Lake for our picnic. It was fun, but Wes had been up way to late the night before and was a bit grumpy. All and all we got to feed a ground hog our crusts from our sandwiches and we stopped on the way to see a turtle pond.
This month I took out books on Summer/Seasons and cows. I think my theme this month will be on feelings and family reunions. We are attending a family reunion on the August long weekend.
Franklin's Bad DayI thought we should read Franklin’s Bad Day because my son was having trouble dealing with his emotions today. We liked it a lot because, well its a Franklin book and we LOVE Franklin. But I was able to point out things like the way Franklin talked to his mother, and we talked about better ways for Franklin to handle how he feels.
The Winter King and the Summer Queen (Book & CD)The Winter King and the Summer Queen (Book & CD) was a great book about the battle of the seasons. The illustrations were beautiful! My son really seemed to enjoy this one. Not only did we talk about the Season, we also talked about the weather.
I love this! I hope to keep posting about what we are reading!

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