Starting our home speech therapy program with Super Star Speech

Home Speech Therapy

Well for those of you that have been reading me for a while, you would know the number one reason I decided to homeschool my son was because of his speech delays. So about half a year ago when I stumbled across a blog entry written by someone who was reviewing Deborah Lott’s program “Super Star Speech“, it really peaked my interest. I really can’t remember if the child had speech delays or the blogger had just received the book to review, but I kept thinking, this might be something for my Wesley.

Why Parent Led Speech Therapy?

Lets be honest, speech therapy is expensive. Not only for the actual sessions, but there is also the cost of traveling to and from therapy. Not everyone can comfortably afford it. Even if families has insurance coverage a lot of the time either the deductible can be super high, or the yearly cap is pretty low.

Parent Led Speech Therapy can be helpful for families:

  • that have no speech coverage
  • waiting on wait list for government funded speech therapy
  • waiting for the new year for speech coverage to reset, or
  • that live in rural areas with limited access to a speech therapist


Now I want to make sure that everyone that reads my review realizes that this program is designed for children that have a few articulation problems. Its not designed to “fix” children who have many articulation problems, speech delays, stuttering, or physical problems (ex: cleft palate, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy) If your child has these issues, they should see a speech pathologist.

How We Are Using Starting Super Star Speech

I decided to start with the book “Super Star Speech”, last week I printed it all out and placed them in plastic page protectors.  Now my son has speech delays and is seeing a speech pathologist once a month. However I look at this program like this, the more you exercise a muscle, the stronger it gets. I plan on using this book to exercise my son’s brain and oral muscles. In hopes speech will come more easy to him. It breaks my heart when I meet adults that have speech issues that could have easily been fixed when they were children, yet were not. Now they have to live the rest of their lives struggling to make people understand them.

Articulation Test

The first thing we will be doing next week is the Articulation Test. Debbie has set up an easy to follow check list(in order of what sounds your child should be able to make at different age levels) as well as the pictures. She provides you with pictures to test if your child can properly pronounce certain letters at the beginning, the middle and the end of a words.
After this test you then go on to word on the areas you child needs help with. She provides word lists, exercises and fun games.

Our Plan With Super Star Speech

So next week I’m going to run the Articulation Test, and I’ll update you guys about how it went. I’m super excited to get started. Even though my son is already seeing a speech path, I still feel he needs a lot more work then she is suggesting we do throughout the month, till her next visit. So because of Debbie’s program I feel as a parent I have more control in my son’s final outcome. I love that she is offering parents who could otherwise not afford speech therapy an affordable option to help their children.
Thank-you Debbie!
Please check out Debbie’s Website here and her blog which is also full of great ideas here.

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  1. If someone need a free speech training software PictoEcho, maybe a software written to my son borned with cleft could be used.
    Only a couple of example lessons are included so the lessons have to be made to match the need in any language.

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