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Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made SimpleAs a parent of a child with speech issues, one of my biggest frustrations was waiting lists. I’m am so grateful to live in a country that provides speech therapy for free through the public system, but even still it is so frustrating. First you have to convince your child’s doctor that there is a problem and to write a referral. Then you get put on a 9 month waiting list to be assessed, after that it is another 1.5-2.5 years before you get services. Meanwhile as a parent your being told, ” You had better hope little Johnny gets into the preschool program, because once their school age, the service is left to the school system, and god only knows what will happen then!” You have to be proactive as a parent of a child with a disability, if you don’t fight for your child NO ONE WILL!!!!
Personal story: We had waited, then got assessed and FINALLY got assigned a speech path a couple weeks after we got our autism diagnosis. When I was arranging to meet for our first appointment I told her about our last appointment at the Children’s Development Clinic and our diagnosis and she paused and said “Oh that changes everything… Your son is on the wrong waiting list, there are special speech paths for children with autism.” So I stood there in the lunchroom at work and started to bawl my eyes out on the phone begging this woman to still take my son on as a patient. Then while I should have been working argued with the keeper of the “Autism Speech Waiting List” that our referral date should be honored. Finally I received confirmation that it would be, so the wait started again. Luckily we had the occasional visit from a speech path from the development centre, but eventually her funding was cut. I hired private speech paths, but they all said I was doing everything I could and none could make me any suggestions. Finally it had been 14months since we were put on the “right” list and they said it would take 12-14, so I called and found out we were not put on the right list and had I not called we would have had to wait another year to year and a half for services. Even worse, people referred after us already had services, and we were still waiting. They were really good about have a therapist for us in about a week. However had I not been on the ball my son would have had a long wait for therapy.What I really wanted was something I could so with him to help him. I knew he was a bright boy. He justed needed some help with his speech.
I wish I had known about Super Star Speech by Deborah Lott back. Then I may have caught some of the little problems with his speech much earlier, and had the tools to do something about it. Debbie’s program is amazing! She walks you through step by step, first with a speech assessment, then you make a treatment plan and then she provides you with list of words to use and games that help you provide your child practice to master those sounds.Like I said in past entries about Super Star Speech. This program is only to help children with minor articulation problems. If your child has more complex issues it is very important you have them see a speech path. However if you want to supplement your speech program, correct a few minor errors in your child’s speech or work on something while you wait in the dreaded wait list for therapy, this is an amazing program. Plus you can’t beat the price. I remember paying $80 an hour a few years ago for speech, I don’t even know the going rate now but I highly doubt it’s gone down. This program is less then $25 for the first book, if you want all 3 books it’s available for $50. I mean that is a great deal, plus it’s also available in ebook for less.
My son’s tutor and I talk about this program in great detail today. I created one of the games with the list of words recommended in the book, and she is creating a list of words she notices he is have problems with and we are going to use those words in another one of the games in the ebook. This is so exciting for us to have the tool to help Wesley with this!!

Thank-you so much Debbie for allowing me to review this great product. It is becoming an important part of our homeschooling curriculum, so you can be sure this is not the last you will here about this program.
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  1. I would love to read Deborah’s “Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple”. Seems like it has lots of very helpful info!

  2. I can relate to your experiences, Waterdreamer. I also live in a country with “free” public speech therapy (UK) and I too experienced a lot of frustration with the system trying to get the necessary help for my child. My almost 4-year-old daughter is speech delayed and, according to her pediatrician, is possibly on the autistic spectrum (we have not received an official diagnosis for a number of reasons). There is no free “early intervention” over here and all you get is a few sessions of speech therapy a year. Because of the waiting lists and the time taken to assess my daughter and then schedule the therapy, the therapy we have received so far amounts to the total of 6 hours which is hardly anything bearing in mind that we were referred in February 2009. Further resource cuts are now being made and from now on it is likely that there will be no individual sessions whatsoever and once my daughter starts school, a speech therapist will advise her teacher on how to help my daughter’s communication skills in school instead. With each teacher in charge of about 30 kids, I can’t really see that working very well.

    Although I have set up a home-based DIY ABA therapy, I feel there is not enough focus on speech as such, so I am trying to include other activities outside the curriculum to help my daughter. Her speech has been coming up well and we have reached the stage where we can actually work on pronunciation and articulation. For this reason, I would love to be included in the prize draw for Super Star Speech Therapy Made Simple (

    Thank you very much for this chance,

  3. I am having difficulty choosing which book I’d choose. My 11 year old son flatly refuses to even try to prounounce TH. I assumed he’d grow out of it, but I’m starting to think..maybe not. My nearly-3 has the usual troubles for her age but due to teeth positioning I’m concerned some “lisps” might not correct themselves. The L and R are both W, Th is F and S is a kind of Th, so which book do you pick? And my 14-month old. Glue ear, causing hearing problems since before birth, so hardly says anything intelligible except Daddy. And isnt even picking up signing to compensate. Wont watch educational dvds, learn from flash cards or pay attention to much, so having some learning difficulties. I’d need the set, for sure. But I guess the overview Speech Therapy made simple would be a start.

  4. My choice would be the book about speech therapy made simple. Thanks for making this available, Waterdreamer!

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