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Wesley and I got the chance to try the online program Time4Learning. It is a near complete online homeschooling curriculum. You can also use it to supplement your child that does attend school.
I ready wanted to try this program since last Black Friday while standing in line at Toys R Us. I got into a conversation with the lady ahead of me about homeschooling. She swore up and down what an amazing program this was and that her daughter was basically homeschooling herself and just thought she was playing videogames.
Of course this site has pros and cons. I love that they offer science along with the basic math and language arts.
One thing I wish this site offered was a placement test. I found I wasted a lot of time trying to find lessons that were my sons level.
All and all this site looks like it could be great, but the lessons are very disorganized. Like I said a placement test would be helpful. I’m sure we could have figures it out, however my son was not feeling it at all. After a week of using the program daily my aon started begging not to do Time4Learning. Overall we enjoy Headsprouts and Reading Eggs for reading and hands on programs for math and science.
If you are a family that travels a lot and space to carry school supplies is limited, this might be the program for you.
Now I usually don’t like writing reviews that are not positive. I contacted the company and told them I could not give them a raving review and offer them I could either a) write the review but I will be 100% honest b) or not write the review at all. They asked me to write it anyhow so they could get suggestions how to improve there services. I think in the end this says a lot about the company. Instead if covering up a not so happy customer they wanted the truth. Good for you!!
Thank you Time4Learning for letting my son and I sample your product.
If you want to try this product you can go to www.time4learning.com

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  1. That was a good, honest review. We are users of the program, but we certainly understand that what works for one family doesn’t work for every family. We had a hard time with that concept when we first started homeschooling, lol. I enjoyed reading what you thought and I wish you well on your upcoming school year! 🙂


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