Why do I homeschool????

Why Do I Homeschool?
Well I saw a few people jumping on this linky and I thought what a great topic, I always love knowing WHY people do things. Especially with homeschooling, everyone has such different reasons. 
Schools are different now then when I went. Cliques are starting in kindergarten. I remember talking to someone I knows daughter who was in kindergarten at the time and she told me who was “cool” and who was a “loser” in school. She was in kindergarten!! When I was that age I was friends with everyone (lol except one girl who cherry bombed me on the tetter totter. But I wasn’t mean to her, I just didn’t care for her). Now a days young kids are being threatened by peers, sexually assulted by adults, and having there self esteem torn down to nothing. Because my son has a speech delay, I feel I would be send him to the wolves so to speak. He is finally building confidence and improving, why would I sent him to an environment where he would be torn down to nothing. 
Another reason I homeschool is because I know as a mother what areas to challenge my son and what areas to take it easy on him and support him. I don’t understand how one teacher can teach a class of 20,30+ students who all have different learning styles, interests, dislikes, etc can learn to their full potiential in a classroom settling. It’s so easy now to get some extra help online as well. It’s not just me that is doing all the teaching. If I think that he is struggling with chemistry for example, I just go online and type in chemistry homework help online. These types of sites are great for giving just that extra bit of information, so I know that my son isn’t missing out on his education.

Now please don’t think I’m bashing teachers. No that’s not it at all, teachers are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Some are amazing and dedicate their lives to making sure their students have the best education possible. However the system does not reward these teachers who stay late, work through lunch and try to get their kids the best marks and education possible. No those Heroes have the same benefits, pay cheques, bonuses as the teacher who walked in as the buzzer rings for class to start and is out the door before the students are. 
Plus I have seen it with even my sons tutors and therpists, they think because he has trouble talking he must be slow. When it’s actually the opposite , he is extremely bright, he just has trouble expressing it to people. He suprises me daily and this reminds me to keep challenging him. 
Will I home school him right through to grade 12. Oh I don’t know. Right now I go one year at a time, and I take it from there. 

3 thoughts on “Why do I homeschool????

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is always nice to know the reasons why someone chose to homeschool, especially since, especially nowadays, there are SO many different reasons behind different family’s choices.

    It’s wonderful that you have the opportunity and the desire to give him what he needs right now, as the traditional school setting definitely isn’t right for everyone. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. You have good reasons to homeschooling, and I would probably made the same decision. You are doing fantastic job starting to work with your boy so early!

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