Wink to Learn- Speak and Read English Review

Wink to Learn- Speak and Read English
Well this time while reviewing a product I was pleasantly surprised! I actually thought I was just reviewing the Wink to Learn Animal Adventurer series. When I opened the package I was confused to see “Speak and Read English”. My first reaction was, “My son knows How speak English, why would they send this?”Well I opened it up and threw Disc 1 in. Well I was very pleased. I now understood that this product is good for both English and non-English speaking families.

“Speak & Read English 4-DVDs program is your child’s best tool in learning English.Each lesson is based on the flashcard principles of Glenn Doman. Lesson duration is short (less than 5 mins) and captivates your child’s attention using real life photos and videos. It consists a total of 48 topical lessons which systematically help your child to recognise words and to form proper phrases and sentences.”

When I put on these lessons, I usually have 3 daycare babies gather around the TV and my son sits on the couch. When the lesson is over they almost always want more. If your looking for something that is very right brain, and you can use it would both a baby and an older child, this is the right product for you! I was very excited to see that it is designed for 6months to 7 years old! So if you children between that large age group you are going to get lots of use out of this amazing product.
The Wink to Learn Speak and Read DVD Series claims to:
• Develop Positive Interest in Languages
• Recognise English words
• Speak accurate English
• Form Proper Phrases and Sentences
What I really like about this program is the fact it seems to follow Glenn Doman’s plan. Single words them couplets, then right into sentences. Only thing I noticed is the accent of the woman reading the words on the DVD. This is not an issue to me because for now it’s cute that when my son is following along with the video says watermelon with an accent. I know that because he is living in an environment of people with a Canadian accent that’s what he will have. In no way is the accent on the video so hard you can’t understand what she is saying. But it’s there and I know some families like knowing this when deciding to buy a new DVD reading program.
Would I buy this product?
In a heart beat. As a mother who got on board with right brain learning when my son was a bit older(started on and off at 2 years old, and full force at 4 years old) I loved that they sent a little booklet that had directions on how to run this program according to your child’s age. I also like that the booklet includes all the words in the lessons. I plan to use this to make books using these words to help the children learn even more. Great Job Wink to Learn! This is an amazing product.
If your interested in purchasing this product or any other Wink To Learn products, please go to the Wink to Learn website
Keep your eyes open on my upcoming review about Wink Learn Animal Series.

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  1. I just received my Wink to Learn Spanish set and found a few errors. Have you found that the English has discrepancies between singular and plural?

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