Headsprout Review and coupon codes!!

Well my son learns best by using computer programs and flashcards. So we started using a computer program, but eventually as he progressed through the program and he started getting board with it. It was time to spice things up. I went online and started looking for something that we could use on the computer to learn to read, plus would hold his attention. That’s when I found Headsprout. I tried some of their sample lessons and knew right away this was for my son!

So far we have just completed the first 11 lessons. I love that I can click on the Early Reading Progress Report and see what percentage of answers my son got correct, the total number of responses (clicks) made thus far in the program, and how much time he has spent on Headsprout learning. It also tells me which sounds or blends he has learned so far, words he has learned, Potential Readable Words (an estimated number of common words consisting of the elements learned thus far in the program. A child’s ability to sound out and read these words will grow as he progresses through the program).

What I really like is the program is very good at explaining what the child has to do. With other online programs I had to sit right beside him and explain to him step by step what to do, and sometime it even stumped me too! I still stay in the same room as him so I can see what he is learning, and sometimes I just in and join him. But if I have a pile of dishes to do I know I can set him up with the laptop at the kitchen table and he can work away and learn.

When you order Headsprout you received a life subscription for that child. They will also send you in the mail, a folder full of great information and tips, a progress map with stickers, and 12 Headsprout books. There is also a set of readers you can purchase separately HERE for a great price; this provides you one book to read after EACH episode. I’m waiting for mine in the mail, so I will tell you guys what they are like in my review of Episodes 12-23. There are also books available to print out. You can read them and then have your child color the pictures.

So far we have completed Episodes 1-5 which happen in “Space World” – Introduces the basic concepts of reading: sounds make words, words make sentences, and sentences make stories. Wesley read the book “See” after episode 5. It is very simple and only a few pages long. However I think this is important because it helps build confidence in our new readers.

Then we completed Episodes 6-11 which was Dino World! – Reinforces previously taught and introduces new sounds and words. Emphasizes hearing words sounded out and then blended, and firms word and story reading. And after episode 11 he read the book Fran and Lee to me. Once again, another short book, but he was super proud to be able to show off his reading skills to me.

I already see my son progressing with his reading, even though he is reading slightly more advance books then See! and Fran and Lee. It is important for the learners to start from the beginning of the program to make sure he does not miss any of the rules to reading. It also builds his confidence right from the beginning. I noticed already that he has started combining two letters together when sounding out words instead of sounding out everything individually. For example he sounds out car, ca-r instead of c-a-r.

One thing a friend pointed out was they pronounce the sound R, “er” instead of “r”. When reading run, you don’t say “er-a-n, eran” you say “r-a-n, ran”. But so far this has been the only “funny” sound I have noticed and it has not affected my son at all.
The other nice thing is that Headsprout offers a Money Back guarantee:
With Headsprout’s Amazement Guarantee, you have 30 days to try Headsprout Early Reading and if you’re not amazed, we’ll issue a full refund. You don’t have to return a thing. All these great Headsprout materials are yours to keep.

So far we love his program. One episode is never enough. Although I try to keep it to one so we don’t lose interest, but he usually talks me into a second one lol. Also for families who have to keep records to submit to their state or province, it’s so great that you can just get progress reports that your can print out. Overall I think it is a great program and we plan to continue using it right up to Episode 80. The other great thing about Headsprout is that once you’ve done these lessons you can start their other program: Headsprout Reading Comprehension.
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I also love that Headsprout realizes their product can be expensive for families, so they offer multiple types of payment plans, as well as a 50% discount for the second learner in the family purchasing the same product.

I want to thank Headsprout for letting my son and I review your product. I was given a subscription to Headsprout for my honest option.