Math Brought my son to Tears :(

I made my child cry today. How you ask? I introduced subtraction. I was using the Jones Geniuses 4 question sheet and the first question was 2-1=? His immediate reply was 3. I show him counting backwards on the dots. Nope he said it was 3. I took 2 markers and laid them out in front of him and took one away. Nope in his mind the answer was 3. He got upset and started to cry. *Sigh* I put away the worksheet and while he was playing I would go up to him and show him with my fingers, “If I have 2 and I take one away, how many to I have?” He understood this.
So a few hours later I brought him back to the worksheet, he replied, “No minus, only plus!” I told him we had to give this a shot. Finally he got the question 2-1=1, the others like 16-3, were easier for him because he has not yet mesmerized 16+3, so he allowed me to teach him to count backwards with the dots. So I think from now on we will always have to start off with Subtraction and end with Addition.
I felt awful, just a terrible mother for not being able to get this through to him and making him cry. But I know he can do this, and he proved to me he could. I just need to make sure there is a equal balance between both types of problems.

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  1. Maybe it’s just because of the nature of introduction. Anna had no problems with subtraction once she understood that “-” means taking away. However, we didn’t do it with abstract numbers – we did it a lot first with manipulatives and number line.

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