Wink to Learn Animal DVD Review and Giveaway

Well this is my second review for the company Wink To Learn. The first was on a product called Speak and Read English, you can read it here.
I just love dealing with this company! Their products are amazing and they take what they are doing very seriously. They state right on their web pages their promises.

Within 6 Hours – Customer Service email response time

Free Local Shipping for Singapore customers
Free International Shipping by air (except for restricted countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia)
100% Compatibility – our DVDs are in NTSC (Region-free format)
Free 1-to-1 Replacement for any defective DVDs for ALL customers
Free Gift-wrapping for ALL customers upon request

I know myself sometimes when I want to order a product the price doubles when I factor in shipping and handling cost. I love that when you order something from Wink To Learn, its free shipping!
The product that I had the honor to review was there Animal Facts DVDs in English. This was exciting for me because a)I’ve been dieing to try this series and b) I know my Brillkids friends online would like an honest review on their product.
The bundle I reviewed included:
African Safari
Amazing Rainforest
Australian Wildlife & Asian Reptiles
Jungle Feathers
Threatened Species
Wetland Wings
Here is a little preview from their website

Each DVD Helps your child to learn more than 70-100 encyclopedic facts on animals in Singapore Zoo and hence learn more than 100-150 words & phrases.
The first time I played this for my son, it was a few minutes before my hubby came home. When he arrived he looked at the TV and there was a Malayan Sun Bear. He asked me what the heck that was and sat down and started watching the DVD with my son. I find that even as a parent, I’m learning tons from this video. We keep our sessions short just like the people at Wink to Learn recommended. We do 3-4 animals 2-3 times a week. This way it keep the kids wanting more.
The quality of these DVDs are second to none. The videos are amazing and you get close and personal with the animals. I also love the little clips in cartoons that help explain some of the facts. The only thing like I mentioned in the first review the narrator has a slight accent. Once again this does not bother me at all, but some people are particular about accents when teaching their child.
Would I recommend this product? Yes! The information is interesting for both parent and child. Overall an excellent collection of what we call in our home “Children’s Documentaries”. My hubby and I watch several  documentaries a week and wanted to pass on the thirst for knowledge to our children. I feel these DVDs do just that. Not to mention the price is right and the no charge shipping is a MAJOR bonus.
Now the SUPER exciting part!!
Wink To Learn has offered my readers a chance to win a copy of the following titles. (Amazing Rainforest is my personal favorite, so I’m thrilled that it was included!)
– African Safari
– Amazing Rainforest
– Threatened Species
The contest is open WORLDWIDE (except for restricted countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia)
How to Enter: Complete any of the following task, and get one entry each. PLEASE include your email and leave one comment for EACH task. The more tasks you complete the better your chances of winning.
– Head over to Wink to Learn and tell me which of the Animal DVDs you would like to show your child the most
– Let me know what other Wink to Learn product you would like to try
– Follow Doman, ABA, Dayhome, and Homeschooling Momma publicly
– Blog about this giveaway on your blog (send me the link in your comment)
-Sign Up for another giveaway I have going on at the moment
Contest Closes October 15th at 11:59pm
Thank-you so much to the great people at Wink To Learn for giving me the chance to review their product, and at the same time educate my children. I was in no way required to write anything in my review, and the option here is mine and mine alone.

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