65 Day Shichida’s Math Program

For the last two weeks, Wesley and I have been doing the 65 Day Shichidas outline by one of my favorite bloggers Figur8. I thought I would share this entry that I visit often. I actually printed out so I can keep it in my box of Doman Math Dots.

Now I know some of you are thinking that Wesley is too old for math dots. The reason I’m doing this is is because of a conversation I had with the IAHP. The wonderful people there suggested because Wesley is still considered Brain Injured, his mind way still be opened to this type of program. So I bought a set of the Glenn Doman cards used from a fellow Brillkids Forum Member and started the program.

So far so good. While we went through Days 1-9 he was shouting out the answers because he knows how to count in order. But come Day 10 when I started presenting the cards, 1+1=2, he stopped and listened.

Why did I choose the Shichida MethodĀ over Doman Method?

Because the Doman method involves showing several sets of cards, several times a day. And the Shichidas method is once a day, and you repeat the cycle 4 times, so it really turn into the 260day Shichidas Program. This program fits better into our lifestyle. I present the cards before bed. I keep them out on the ledge by the stairs outside his room. Once I put him to bed, I go reorganize the cards for the next day, and Poof! we are done for the day.
Even if he is not getting the full effect, we are still

  • -Spending time together
  • -He still hears the math facts, and maybe can absorb them that way.
  • -Teach him to focus on a topic
  • -Its good practice for me when our next child comes into the world(not pregnant lol but hoping to be next year)
  • All and all since he is enjoying it, I figured there is no harm is trying to stimulate the right brain.

Please check out Figur8’s blog, it’s really wonderful and I visit several times a week.

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