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Well I think I have written time and time again how much my son loves learning on the computer. We have two favorite sites we subscribe to for reading, but when I heard about a site that was for math I thought that was something we could use. So I contacted the people at Dreambox Learning and they agreed to let me review there product. So I sent up my five year old son and daycare child up on it, and we used it regularly for the 2 week trial.
Dreambox Learning says:

It’s serious learning because:

  • DreamBox individualizes learning through continuous assessment and adaptations during lesson game play. Lessons, hints, level of difficulty, pace, sequence, instructional tools, and many other aspects of the experience are tailored to help each student learn.
  • It’s a robust math curriculum, with over 500 lessons built on the math learning Focal Points from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • It builds understanding and confidence in math fundamentals being taught in the classroom, through in-depth focus on Number Sense and Computation, and Algebra.
  • To improve conceptual understanding, students use virtual manipulatives to “show their work” rather than just clicking on an answer. And because our adaptation engine captures every mouse click, this deep, rich data enables highly sophisticated individualization.
  • DreamBox has online Teacher and Parent dashboards that report on each student’s progress in real time. Teachers can review detailed progress for their whole classroom and for each student. And parents get progress reports and practical tips on bringing math fun into everyday life.

It’s seriously fun because:

  • Kids choose from 4 adventure themes (pirates, pixies, dinosaurs, and pets), each with 8 stories, and hundreds of choices for activities in the online adventures.
  • DreamBox makes math lessons fun and interactive, so kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment!
  • Kids can choose from 36 characters to represent themselves on screen.
  • Positive audio and visual feedback encourages progress.
  • Kids get rewards such as collectible Adventure Friends, tokens to play Carnival games, and Achievement Certificate awards that can be printed out and proudly displayed.

The Pros

– My kids loved that they could choose what kind of story they were into that day. They answer math problems and collect backpacks
– The kids loved gathering tokens to spend at the carnival for fun games
– I like as a parent I can see how much of the total curriculum my son has completed as well as a break down in what areas Dreambox jumped him ahead or what areas he has completed on his own.
– It just so happened that we were working on great then and less then at home when we started and that was the area Dreambox Learning put us in.
-Getting the answer is not the only thing Dreambox is recording, it also notes how quickly the child answered, how many hints they needed, and if their score improved
-There is 500 lesson for Grades K-3

The Cons

-The Carnival is the first thing that the child sees when they opening page comes up. For my son this was very distracting
-I didn’t like that my son kept getting stuck on certain levels. Like where the card is flashed at them and they have to pick a card by memory. If your child has difficulty with this like my son, they might get stuck in those types of levels.

Overall I feel its a fun supplement to our Math curriculum. The boys seem to enjoy it and it mixes it up for them instead of workbooks and counters.

Thank-you to Dreambox Learning for offering my Readers the chance to win a free month subscription. I was not paid to write this review. These options are mine and mine alone.

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  1. We already use DreamBox learning, but I wouldn’t mind to have a free month 🙂 I like the game component of it. I kind of see your point – some of the games seemed to be a bit over the top in difficulty level, but with some practice my daughter was able to get over the “stumbling block”. I guess it’s important for the kids to be frustrated sometimes to be able to move forward in their learning on their own.

  2. DreamBox Learning is a set of mathematical learning that guides children to succeed through training as individual. It is solid math involved in exciting adventures on the Web that kids love! And they will be learning of mathematics is vital for its future.

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