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MonkiSee MonkiDo and Memoflix 1 have become an important part of how I teach my son and daycare children how to read. I reviewed what at the time was the whole collection of DVDs by the Intellectual Baby Company here. I’m excited that once again I have had the chance to review another one of Krista’s great products from Intellectual Baby.

MemoFlix Volume 2 video flash cards teach babies and young children how to read using a combination of the whole word method, also called sight-reading, and phonics. This is first done by introducing the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make followed by whole words that reinforce and demonstrate the sounds and patterns being presented. Each word is followed by a picture, which helps the child better grasp the meaning of the words being taught. Sound effects have also been added where appropriate.

MemoFlix Whole Word Phonics ABC’s teaches the alphabet and the letter sounds using quick-paced video slide shows. By combining sight-reading with phonics children are able to grasp the rules of phonics quickly and easily, allowing them to be more fluid readers. Since the words are learned as a whole, without being broken up, children are able to pick up the phonetic patterns and read in a more natural and unbroken way.

While the slide shows are quick-paced, they do allow time for the child to say the word before it is narrated. Children may enjoy racing to read the words before they are read to them. This is a fun way to interact with the MemoFlix DVD.

The MemoFlix Whole Word Phonics DVD is designed for children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old. It is best to use this DVD with babies that have already been exposed to a reading program and have learned many sight words. When beginning a reading program with babies do not show them sets of words that all start with the same letter. It is fine to do this a few months into the program, but it less confusing for them in the beginning if the words don’t all look the same. Since the MemoFlix ABC’s teach 10 words that all begin with the same letter it is ideal to introduce these patterns after you have been doing a program with your baby for a little while. “

Well my son was thrilled when the package arrived in our mailbox. The DVD wasn’t even in the house 5mins before my son and I were cuddled on the couch watching it. Because my son is older were watched the DVD from start to finish.
One thing I love about Memoflix is the fact that I can watch it with my son. Other flashcard DVDs for some reason trigger a car sickness like reaction or migraine. And with Memoflix I don’t get this feeling. This is a major plus for me.
Another thing that makes me feel great about this company is the fact it is a family company. Krista is a mother of 6, and she uses these methods with her own children. I have seen videos on Brillkids of her young children reading. It’s nice to know she has had lots if experience with teaching children to read and is now sharing it with us.
With Memoflix2 I love that both phonics and whole word methods are blended together. Of course some children will need more formal instruction to phonics before they can use it, others will learn phonics naturally and either way Memoflix2 is a great introduction.
Another thing I that crossed my mind is for the people doing Encyclopedic Knowledge, this video labels lots of different animals in it.
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This contest is open to Canada and the USA. It closes Nov 15th @ 11:59pm. Thank-you Intellectual Baby for allowing my children and I to review another one of your products. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinion in here is my own.

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  1. Hi Waterdreamer! I LOVE Krista’s stuff! I think we have every one of her dvds already but I’m hoping my name gets pulled so that I can give the prize to my little baby niece. Her mama is just beginning to discover the world of EARLY childhood education and I’d love to treat her to any one of Krista’s products! They’re ALL great!

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