New! Brain Quest Write & Erase Sets Review/Giveaway

Wesley and I had the chance to review the new Brain Quest Write Erase Sets. I love that Brain Quest’s philosophy is “adding a big dose of fun into learning. I have noticed some of their other products and they look great, but I’m thrilled to see that they have created some products for younger children too.
I was thrilled to receive these books because my son has been working on his penmanship for a while now with his tutors, and me in the evenings. When I opened up the Alphabet cards I almost screamed. A few months ago I spent HOURS and LOADS of ink printing and macktacking alphabet cards for my son’s ABA therapy. And here they were in my hands available to purchase for a mere $9 on Amazon. I bet when I factor in ink, paper and macktack alone mine cost more to make. Not including the hours is spent making them. Good news was Wesley was board with my homemade cards and thrilled to get to try out these new ones. Plus, the Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Shapes &Colors set was great for practicing his pre-drawing skills that his Occupational Therapist wanted him to work on.

Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: AlphabetBrain Quest Write & Erase Set: Alphabet:shows kids the right way to write their letters, both uppercase and lowercase, and also includes letter-identification and vocabulary-building quizzes on each page.
 Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: PhonicsBrain Quest Write & Erase Set: Phonics: teaches early reading with fill-ins for long and short vowels and basic consonant sounds, letter scrambles, complete-the-words, and more.
Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: NumbersBrain Quest Write & Erase Set: Numbers: helps kids write their 123’s and includes the basics of math-readiness
Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Shapes & ColorsBrain Quest Write & Erase Set: Shapes & Colors: uses tracing exercises, connect-the-dots, name-the-colors, and other fun activities to teach essential pre-writing concepts.

What do we think?
Well we love these cards! They have become a regular part of Wesley’s day. His tutors use them with him too and love them. One of them was actually planning on buying them for her daughter. Had I found these earlier I could have save myself a LOT of time and had a much nicer product then my homemade dry erase cards.
Would you like to win a set of Brain Quest Write & Erase for your child?
Head over to Brain Quest and leave a comment which of the four packs would be most helpful for your child. Please leave your email in this comment, if I have no way to contact you a new winner will be drawn. Sadly this has been happening a lot lately and I want to make sure the real winner gets the prize. Even if you are using a blogger profile, make sure that I can email you or contact you via your blog.

Thank-you to Brain Quest and Workman Publishing Co. for teaming up with me for this review/giveaway. I was not paid by either company, nor was I required to write a positive review. This is the option of only myself.
Contest closes Nov 5th,2010 at 11:59. Open to the USA and Canada only.

7 thoughts on “New! Brain Quest Write & Erase Sets Review/Giveaway

  1. Hi Waterdreamer,
    I’d love my son to be able to use the alphabet set or the phonics set, but frankly, they all look marvy.
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  2. I think the set that would be the most helpful for us would be the “Shapes and Colors” set.

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