Our Violin arrived

Well my son was in his glory yesterday. I got an email that from UPS saying that our violin had been delivered. I started thinking, “What?” Then I looked and they delivered it to our old address. So called the new people that live there up and the husband was just walking in the door and he said “No I don’t think so.” Then I heard the wife say “No something DID come in for them, I was going to tell you to call them when you got home.” So we drove there and picked it up.
We got in the car and Wesley wanted to open it right away. When I opened the case he said “Can, Can, Can I please hold it!!!”
Now I was really worried. I bought this 1/8 violin on ebay and with shipping the total cost was $65. Yes that’s what I said $65. So needless to say I was concerned about quality. So I took it to the local music store and the guy looked it over. Besides the fact that one of the strings is slightly kinked(this may have been when I was installing the bridge*blush*) it looks to be an excellent violin. He told me not to replace the string until my son gets use to handling the violin.
On the way home we had to stop at Superstore and my son wanted to take his violin in with him. The case was sitting on his lap and he DID NOT want to leave it. LOL. I convinced him it might get broken, so he left it.
When we got home he ran upstairs and told my hubby and step-daughter “Look What I Found!!” Then he told my hubby to “Be careful not to break it.” When he was looking at it.

So I’m hoping this excitement will continue after we start his Suzuki lessons on Saturday

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