Sharing some handwriting practice tips for 5 year olds that I was given.

So lately Wesley and I have cooled it on the writing practice. His occupational therapist said that is best to do small amounts of writing, otherwise they do the first few words or letters proper, the they start getting lazy. If they write too much when then are in lazy mode, then they are actually practicing how to print the letters wrong. Yikes! I never thought of it that way.
The frustrating thing is that he is able to do 2 pages a day of Explode the Code. I asked her what we should do because I don’t want his handwriting to slow down his reading progress. His OT said that a lot of children are more mentally ahead then their motor skill. She suggest having him write until I see his handwriting getting sloppy, then to take over and have his dictate to me. Or split up his worksheets. Do one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
Also if we are practicing handwriting, at this stage I should write the word, then he writes and then I take a turn and make him a fresh example to copy. Children tend to practice their printing wrong because they are copying their own example over and over again. If you provide them a fresh example each time they are more likely to print their letters correct.
Just thought I’d share these tips with you guys because I didn’t realize this. I thought if you want to get better at printing you just have to keep practicing. But really the children need small, short practice sessions.