Toxic Childhood

WOW! Last night I read an article a friend recommended to me, about how in late 2009 they were testing newborn infants umbilical cords and found that most had been exposed to over 200 different chemicals before they are even born.
I started googling the topic and was shocked to what I found. Some people insist that this affecting our children. Others are saying the chemicals are innocent until proven dangerous. That doesn’t sit right with me. As a parent I’m so overwhelmed as to what I should do. I know for a fact certain heavy metals cause children to have foggy minds making if difficult to function. I strongly believe chemicals are related to the increased numbers in Autism.
When I had my son’s hair tested for heavy metals in early 2008 at the age of 2 and he came back with high leads of Lead and arsenic. We did a homeopathic Heavy Metal detox and it seemed to help him. Now a few years later I plan on having him checked again.
With toys being recalled left and right because of toxic levels of lead in the paint, triple the amounts of vaccines given then past generations, higher levels of chemicals in our foods, animals being tampered with to provide more meat without worry about the quality of the meat, high levels of childhood asthma, Autism and ADHD, and the fact that our children are the first generation that have a shorter life expectancy then we do. What is a parent to do?
Am I the only one concerned?

2 thoughts on “Toxic Childhood

  1. It bothers like crazy. It just angers me so much, and I find myself just shouting, Why? Why on earth are they putting lead paint in our kids toys and poisons in our plastic dishes and toxins in our air and water and ground and genetically destroying our food for future generations and… Sigh. I know it is contributing to so many of the things we see going on today, from cancer to autism. The unfortunate thing is I feel powerless much of the time.

    Which I know I’m not, maybe it’s just me being lazy, who knows. Either way, it sucks, and I wish there was more awareness.

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