Great Advent Calendar Ideas!

Well if you’ve been reading me for a while, you’ll know my son does not eat dairy or gluten. So that means those cute little advent calendars with the chocolates behind each door I had as a child are out.
Last week a friend of my emailed me an older entry. Instead of the child getting a chocolate treat, she wrapped up 25 books and placed them in a basket with a number. Each day during the month of December her son opened a new book each night before to read.
When I read this I thought I have to do this for Wesley! So I went to the thrift store today and bought 25 books.(well actually I bought more, but 25 were for this project LOL) Maybe I should have bought new books, but if I did 25 books times $5.99 a book, you do the math, thats my son’s whole Christmas Present budget, so for us new was not an option. And I mean really he’s five and they are new to him.
I’m actually glad my good friend directed me to this blog BEFORE December came around. Actually I usually read great ideas too late. Thats why I’m sharing it with you early.
Are you interested in starting a new tradition this year?
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