The Monsters in My Head. A WorryWoo Review/Giveaway

I’m always looking for a why to help my son understand his emotions. This can be VERY difficult for a child with autism, and as we journey out of our diagnosis I make sure I’m providing him every chance to learn about his feelings.

The WorryWoo Monsters, a series by Andi Green, was first seen in a New York City art exhibition in 2001. Originally called The Monsters in My Head, Green wanted to create characters with a story that each embodied an emotion. Using her design and illustration background she built 5 light boxes, 24”X36” in size, each containing a monster with its story Xerox-transferred to the front of the box. From loneliness to confusion, she began tackling complicated feelings and transformed them into quirky, lovable characters. Her message of “embrace your emotions” received such a positive response, she was asked by many if she ever considered turning her single art pieces into storybooks. In 2002 she began to expand her concept, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she decided to publish and produce her new collection.

When I saw Andi Green’s WorryWoo Monsters, I thought what a cute way to teach a child about more complex feelings. I never expected to be moved the way I was by these stories. They have quickly become my favorite children’s books. They are as important to me as “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. Which says a lot because Wesley and I have been reading that book since he was 2 months old.

Andi sent me to WorryWoo’s two WorryWoo Monsters to review:
The Lonely Little Monster (WorryWoo Monsters)Nola, the monster of Loneliness

The Monster In The Bubble (WorryWoo Monsters)Squeek, the monster of Innocence
As you can see the Plushies are just adorable

They now have a spot on my son’s dresser. He has never been a stuff toy kind of kid, but when we read these books he has to get Nola and Squeek and they have to sit next to him like a “family”.
Andi Green has two other WorryWoo Monster sets, Fuddle and The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide as well as Rue and The Nose That Didn’t Fit. Now after reading both of the Books that Andi set me to review, I ran online to order the other two sets for my son. They have both come in the mail, but I have no pictures or review of them at the moment. Only because they are a Christmas gift for my son and I want to share reading them for the first time together. But what I can say is the plushies are adorable! I will be buying the other 2 sets that are suppose to be release in 2011, hopefully they will be out in time for my son’s birthday.

Would you like to win a WorryWoo Monster? Complete one or more of the following things and for each one leave and entry to win!!
What a great gift idea for your child for Christmas!
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Contest closes Nov 16th/10 @ 11:59pm.. Open to Canada and the US.
Thank-you Andi Green for allowing me to review your product. I was in no way forced to write a positive review, the options here are that of my own.

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