What My Child is reading,Learn to Read Kids Club Review

So I had the chance to review this great new program. Its called the Learn to Read Kids Club. There are so many great options with this company. You can sign up for the Yearly Program and once a month you and your child will receive 4 books. Each book relates to a different subject, Fun & Fantasy, Science, Social Studies and Math. As well you get a workbook and a parents guide. The workbook has fun little “assignments” for your child to do relating to all 4 of the stories. Including fill in the blanks, word searches, make your own books and much more. The workbook I reviewed contained 20 different activities. The parents guide gives you great tips on how to provide your child a more hands on experience.

When we got our kit to review, my son and I were slightly confused at first why the wonderful people sent us a jar of dirt, a bottle of water, a pile and shovel to us in our review. Then we opened up the package that contained the books and workbook. There it was a book called “How to Make a Mudpie”.
So first we sat down and read the book “How To Make a Mudpie” together. Then we did the activities in the workbook. My son really enjoyed doing book. The workbooks are so colorful and inviting it didn’t even feel like he was doing work. Then the next day was the fun part. We went in the backyard and made our own mudpies.
First we poured in the dirt

Then we added the water

Then we stirred it up

Then we added some leafs

And then some stones

We gave it one final stir and poured them into pie pans. And there you have it our very own MudPie! I promise he was really having a great time, he just looks sour because I kept shoving the camera in his face. I also included my 16month old daycare baby and 5 year old daycare child but they are not pictured here because I don’t like posting pictures of other children.

This was one activity for only one of the books in the set we got. There are so many great ideas. This would be a great Christmas gift idea for the children and grandchildren on your list. Its like the gift that keeps giving. If you are worried about shipping cost you can also buy the whole kit at once and use it to supplement your homeschooling curriculum or even to reinforce what your children are learning at school. They will love being able to cuddle up and read the books with you, as well as doing the activities together. They also have a Summer Reading Club that will send your child a set every 2 weeks so they can keep their minds sharp through the summer months. I have talked to many teachers about how children just seem to lose their skills during the summer months because they are not using them. You can start the Yearly Program anytime through out the year.

Thank you to the great people at Learn to Read Kids Club for providing me a basic kit to review. The options expressed here are my own and I was not required to write a good review for this product.

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  1. Hey Waterdreamer!

    I like that I recognize these books! We used them in our guided reading program in the school I taught at. I’d LOVE to use them with my son. And, I remember visiting you shortly after you received their package and how thrilled you were with it – that says a lot! Thanks for the chance to win!

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