Young Minds Numbers and Counting Review

Recently I found a great site called Math Tutor DVD. At first glance I thought that there products maybe too advance for my son and daycare children, but when I looked in the side bar I noticed that they had two products that would be perfect.
The first one is a DVD called Young Minds Numbers and Counting.
Your child will learn:

– Learn to recognize the numbers 1-10.

– Associate the number with physical objects.

– Count from 1-10.

– Animal names and sounds.

– Fruits and Vegetables.

– Names of colors.

– Names of machines such as cars, airplanes, etc.

The nice thing about this video in the classical music is calming. So it would be a perfect video to play right before nap or bedtime to unwind.

The photographs shown in the DVD are nice and clear. The numbers are also clear and a good contrast for children to see them.
You have the option of watching the whole video at once, or you can just show your child one section/number at a time. This is how I show my daycare children, we do one number a day. That is all their attention span can handle right now at 18months. But for that one section they do watch this video with great attention.
In the Bonus Menu you can click and option called Picture Puzzle. This part of the DVD builds a puzzle on the screen while counting the pieces. The pictures are just beautiful.
There is also a Connect the Dots option, where they complete Connect the Dot puzzles from 1-10 on the screen for the child to read.
The last option in the Bonus Menu is Guess the Animal. The camera is zoomed in at first and the childs voice gives clues as to what it is. Then they slowly zoom out and the child is suppose to guess what it is.

This video sells for $19.99 at Math Tutor It has also won a bunch of awards including Dr.Toy 10 Best Audio-Video Products Award.
I would say that this video is designed for very young children that don’t know their numbers yet. My 18 month old daycare children enjoyed it. However for my 5 year old, it was below his level. But no worries because my next review was the right product for him.
Best sure to check out their site, they also have DVDs for your older children in “Algebra Help thru Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Beyond!”