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Well anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I have had trouble finding a good math program for my son. I can write you a list a mile long of programs I have tried and just did quite feel. Well Wesley and I finally found something that we enjoy doing! Its call TouchMath. I was so lucky that the kind people at Touch Math let Wesley and I try two of there products. The one that I’m reviewing today is their NEW TouchMath Tutor Kindergarten Software

The exciting TouchMath Tutor interactive software complements the new kindergarten print product and was developed for use on classroom/home computers –– both with traditional mouse/keyboard functionality AND those computers with touch screen capability. The software is also compatible with Interactive Whiteboards for classroom use. UnoBear provides entertaining multisensory activities for students who are beginning to use TouchMath, or who need review. Students are enthralled with the creative imagery as they play to learn: Touching/Counting Patterns, Number Concepts 1–20, Addition with Sums to 10, Backward Counting from 10 and Below, and Subtraction from 10 and Below.

I found when trying other programs that used dots on numbers to teach math, it was so difficult to teach my son in which order to place and count the dots. They required the kids to count the dots in one order and draw them on in a different order. Well this just made my son frustrated. Now to be 100% honest with you when I saw that TouchMath had double touch points, I thought, “Great! This is even more complicated.” I’m glad to say that I was 100% wrong. TouchMath has the child place the dots and count them in the same order. And this wonderful software was able to teach my son where to place them in one sitting. numbers 0-9 in ONE SITTING! The only slightly frustrating thing was the program was very touchie and if Wesley picked up a dot and put it back down so he could sneeze or scratch his nose the computer counted it as an error. So if we were on dot 8 of 9 he had to start all over again. But I was so glad to see when I contacted the wonderful people at TouchMath that this problem has been corrected! My son just loved the little gauge at the top of the screen that told him how far he was in the lesson. He called it his fuel gauge and because of this he refused to stop until the “fuel gauge” was full.
I’m thrilled to report that what he has learned using the computer software has transferred to paper as well. in the near future I will be reviewing the NEW TouchMath Kindergarten Kit 4 and he automatically knew what to do and is adding 3 to 4 single digit numbers together with great ease.
I’m am so impressed with this product I can’t wait till next month when the NEW TouchMath Grade One Software comes out!
Overall I am thrilled with this product, I’m saving it for any future children I have. Wesley and I flew through it quickly, only because in other Math Programs he is at a Grade One level, and well he was stubborn and insisted on completing each state in one sitting. However it did hammer down some important concepts he was not understanding before, and taught him how to place and count the dots in the correct order. It was a fun stepping stone that prepared use for Kit 4 with is Advanced Kindergarten Math. I mean i can tell you with 100% certainty that I was NOT adding three digits together when I was in kindergarten. I’m excited looking ahead at that program! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Installation of the program was super easy. Once its on your computer, you can put the discs away, they are no longer needed for regular use. Which is great because I’m always terrified to wreak discs through everyday use. You can also have more then one student listed in the program. And the program keeps marks and progress reports for each child. It also allows you to lock areas if you feel your child needs to redo a previous lesson. The reports can be printed out, so if your a homeschooling family that’s state requires you to submit annual reports, you can include these reports.
Do you like the TouchMath concept? Are you interested in trying it out with your family?
Well the people at TouchMath have offered to give one of my readers *NEW* Touch2Learn TouchNumerals with Base 10 (Valued at $99)

 This set contains brightly-colored 6” foam numerals, operation symbols, TouchPoints and Base 10 trays. Students place the TouchPoints on the numerals in the correct Touching/Counting Patterns, remove them and practice on the other numerals. As students explore basic computation with the numerals 1–9 and higher using the Base 10 trays and TouchPoints, they begin to make the connection between concrete objects and numerical values. A complete teacher’s manual is included. A favorite among students and teachers!


  • Three sets of numerals 0–9
  • 205 TouchPoints
  • Operation signs
  • Ten Base-10 trays 

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Disclaimer: I was provided TouchMath Software to review with my son, in return for an honest review. I was not required to write a good review about this product. These are my own options and others may have varying experiences. Thank-you TouchMath for allowing me to review your product.

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  1. My son tried the demo and he loves it,so I would love to get the kindergarten software for him. sthomas

  2. My son currently uses TouchMath during his ABA therapy but I would love to get the program to have at home for practice for him and also for his little sister to use. f17cobra

  3. Hi Waterdreamer!

    I’m intriqued by the whole pre-school set, but I’d really like to see those textured number sets and the fans. I think they’d be a fun addition to our math time…tee hee…get it? “Addition”??? 😉

  4. I would love to have the software from Touch Math. I use the Kindergarten set and LOVE it! This new addition would be great for kids who need a little more practice!

    dntisdale at gmail dot com

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