12 days and counting

Well last week I booked 3 plane tickets to Calgary. I decided that I finally needed to follow my gut and get my son a DAN! doctor. I’ve been thinking about doing this for 2 years, and to be honest I should not have procrastinated, but the cost was a big thing and I wanted to make sure we did everything we could on this side of the country before we flew over there and started. I mean I wanted to do all the easy stuff first so now I can work with the experts on the more difficult options.
I have a wonderful feeling about this. While talking on the phone to the doctor, she was shocked on the amount of stuff we have already done, and she said she’s never had a patient that has already done so much before meeting with her. To her it seems like we are only missing one or two steps.
So please pray for us, please pray that we can once and for all kick autism’s butt.

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