Wink To Learn IPhone and IPad apps!

Well this is a new product Wesley and I were so excited to review. The people at Wink to Learn have now created “Speak & Read” apps in 7 languages to use on your IPhone or IPad .
They are available in:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Filipino
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • and Malay

We purchased English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. For 99cents, you have 10 flashcard lessons containing 10 word flashcards and 10 picture flashcards ready to carry with you everywhere. So 100 words and 100 pictures ready made for you. I’m telling you I have spent $20 of a pack of 10 pre-made Doman Flashcards. So for me this is a steal. And if your child is anything like mine, he is a PRO at operating the IPhone. Plus he is super excited to see his lessons packed into my IPhone.

When you select the icon on your IPhone(I’m assuming the IPad is the same, but since I sadly don’t own one I cannot say for sure how that version operates) The screen that is just above appears. Here you can select if you want to do the flashcard lessons or the game mode.
If you choose the flashcard lesson, the IPhone will show you the lesson once, then ask you if you would like to:

  • Lets play a game
  • 1 more round? Shake it!
  • Lesson Menu

Now the game is fantastic, Wink to Learn has basically provide Doman parents like me the perfect way to test to see if your child is absorbing the information without “actually” testing them.

In the game mode your child is show a picture. Next to it is two words. If your child selects the correct one, the program says “Excellent”, if they select wrong the program says in a soft voice “Try again”.
Over all these programs have been a fit. I hope Wink To Learn will continue to create these apps, and maybe make Speak & Read part 2,3,4 etc. I love that I have an interactive program right on my IPhone that I can use with my son in the store or at the doctors office. Also it is a great way to help him practice the other languages we are working on, even though I have not picked them up as well as he has.
One thing I noticed when your searching these apps, you have to search in your App Store because simply typing wink to learn was not getting any results.
Another great product Wink To Learn!!

With all of these different educational apps, it may be worth considering getting a multipurpose iPad holder to make it easier for children to hold and navigate. I’m certainly going to start looking for one to make sure my children are comfortable and happy whilst using their iPads to learn!

4 thoughts on “Wink To Learn IPhone and IPad apps!

  1. How fun. Makes me wish I had an Iphone. LOL. Do you use their other products? Really neat. I had never heard of them before.

  2. I have all the dvds but I was wondering if you are going to add all the dvds on ipad apps?

  3. Very good review!! thanks. I’ve seen a very good new app to teach my daughter reading, it’s designed to use flash cards in Doman’s style and you can record your voice with cards. The name is Little Readers but it’s only for iPad. Very nice anyway, and for free.

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