2 days and counting till our visit with our new DAN! Doctor

2 days before we leave for Calgary to meet out DAN! Doctor.
I’m so very grateful for family. Without them we could not afford to do this. I’m still waiting for the response for my consolidation loan. They partially approved yesterday, but the proposal didn’t make any sense, so my bank guy sent it back with an appeal and also told the manager, the manager said there is no reason I shouldn’t be approved for the full amount. However I’m still stress and my house has never been cleaner LOL. Its funny when you miss work for your child’s therapy and the cost of supplies how fast in debt you fall.
My parents are lending me the money to pay for the $375 consult, and between $400-$600 treatment, but I’m eventually going to have to pay them back. Sigh! Can’t forget the $1300 to fly there. I pray this is all effective. I wish I could host a social or fundraiser of some sort, but that would draw attention to Wesley’s condition. In real life I try to respect his privacy. I know people would judge him and treat him differently. So his diagnosis is on a need to know bases. So I’m just going to have to pay my parents off slowly. All I can do is pray that God will provide me a nice income tax return…
I hope this doesn’t come off as a pity party, its not. Its just part of dealing with autism. I don’t know when our government will open their eyes and start supporting people affected by autism. Sure they do a little, but its not enough. They need to focus on treatment and prevention. It makes me SO MAD, that parents are basically given little to no hope for their children. This is my first step, if this doesn’t help, or it helps but still not enough, I have no choose but to go to the IAHP in Philadelphia. A good friend of my pointed out to me that the guest speaker at our local homeschooling convention next month is trained in the Suzuki Method AND graduated from the IAHP!!! Last year the guest speaker was available to talk to between sessions, so I have a feeling Kizudo and I will be picking his brain 😀
I will not rest until I help my child, I will go bankrupt for him if I have too. But I don’t think it will come down to that.
I’m also so blessed to have my aunt who is letting us stay with her. I talked to her last night. She was going grocery shopping and wanted to know exact details of what Wesley can and cannot eat. She also told me to not worry about packing lots of toys for him because she went and bought him a bunch. She is such a wonderful hostess. I mean, just by allowing us to stay with her and feeding us while we are there she is saving us hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.
Can you believe I’m almost packed. LOL I’m usually the last minute type of girl. But yesterday I did TONS of laundry, packed some clothes for Wesley and I. Tomorrow I’ll have to do all of hubby’s laundry(he doesn’t have as many clothes as Wesley and I, so if I pack his away early he will miss them) I stopped at Dollarama and bought some cheap headphones for the plane, gum to help with our ears, and a few little snacks so we don’t have to buy expensive airplane food.
Tomorrow, I’m going to have to finish packing, clean up the house because my parents are coming to feed the cat while we are gone. Thursday I have my new daycare baby starting. She seems very sweet, so I’m hoping it goes well. Its an early dismissal day as we have to be at the airport 2 hours before our flight.
SHOOT! I have to send the paperwork ahead of us, and take a copy with us. I have to go to the post office and send it express tonight.
Anyhow, I should get cracking on dishes and finish up laundry.

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