Biofeedback, and conversation with a 5 year old

This evening while Wesley and I were having our cuddle/talk time before bed, I was talking to him about our trip to Calgary.
Me: “Do you know who were going to see in Calgary?” (I was trying to imply my auntie)
Wesley: “The Doctor. She’s going to fix me. My head, my knees(pointed to his eczema), my elbows(eczema)…”
Me: “Baby, your perfect the way you are. She is just going to help your tummy and skin feel better. Maybe make it easier to find the words you want to use. But even if she can’t help, your perfect the way you are. You know Mommy loves you no matter what, right?”
Wesley: “I love you too Mom”

Its so sad, it breaks my head. We did a biofeedback session on Saturday, and the feeling panel said he felt:
– confused
– powerless
– shameful
– inadequate
It was so hard to hear this as a mother. Its amazing what effect lack of language and lack of the ability to communicate leaves a child feeling. He has the mind of at least a 5 year old, but the communication skills of a 2.5-3 year old.
We also discovered that even though I’m loading him up on DHA oils, his body is not absorbing them. All the more reason to work on healing his poor gut.
My friends mom who did the session also recommended wheat grass juice. Its like a super food. 1oz of the stuff equals 2+lbs of the best veggies. So she is sending me an oz of the stuff to try and if I can convince Wesley to drink it, I’ll buy a bunch. I figure if I give it a cool name and let him drink it with a syringe he will take it. Its like his CalMag, I called it Bone Medicine and not its no problem with him taking it.
Tonight I made chicken pot pie. It was the easy Bisquick version, because I don’t know how to make pie crust, but it turned out. I can’t say I LOVE chicken pot pie, I’ll eat it, but to me its just meh! But hubby loves it, so that’s why I made it. He was behind me tell me it was going to be soggy, this that and the other. Finally i put it all down and asked him if he would like be to throw it all in the garbage and he got the hint and left to to my devices. Sure enough it was tender and flaky 🙂
Still in the market for a new daycare child. Im getting nervous about the lack of income, but I truly believe I can’t rush it and I have to wait for the perfect match. It will come.
Started getting back on track with homeschooling.

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