DAN! Protocal Update!

Well we are noticing little differences. For example Wesley’s inter-verbal programs were always a struggle. He hates them with a passion. Well he worked on them today with little convincing.
Also meal times at home he seems less fidgety.
Getting him to drink his 2 bottles of spring water before 6pm is proving to be hard. The first bottle is a necessity because it contains all his homeopathic drops. So every break from ABA I take one of those medicine drops and get him to drink a bunch of water/drops from there. It makes plain boring water more fun. Then once that bottles done, I get him to work on a second bottle. Today we got done 1.5 bottles. I could have gotten him to finish the second, but it was after 6pm and his naturopath said not to give it to him after that time because it can disturb his sleep.
Right now he is taking 129 drops, 3 pills, 4 capsules, and 9 pellets. My hubby has been calling me the “Witch Doctor” LOL. Whatever to help my little man.
Monday I have to call Dr.Poole and let her know about our progress. At that point we can add Selenium Liquid.
Hope I’m not being too boring with all the autism/DAN! talk, but its kind of in my face a lot lately. I can’t wait to beat autism!! I plan on writing a book based on our story.
Thank-you everyone for being my support! I promise a few more reviews in the near future!

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  1. Please, please, please, continue to update on your progress with DAN! I am very excited to hear you have started to notice differences. I would be very grateful if you could share whether or not you will also notice changes in non-verbal communication, auditory processing, creativity and imagination. (I am asking because these are my dd’s challenges on top of her speech and language delay). Thank you for your help!

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