Our First Visit to our DAN! Doctor

Well we’re back from our first visit to our new DAN! Doctor! What a trip. Wesley did fantastic flying. While I was struggling with my ears popping, Wesley didn’t even flinch. For his first flight I was so proud of him.

We arrived in Calgary Thursday night to beautiful weather. My aunt met us at the airport with open arms. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved when we got to go visit my aunt in Alberta. We arrived at the house and my aunt had prepared late night lunch for us. She had gone out and bought toys for Wesley to play with while we were visiting.

Friday woke up and ate a quick breakfast. My aunt had to work, but she made sure her kitchen was stocked with everything we needed. Including Wesley’s gluten and dairy free food.

After breakfast we drove down to the DAN! doctor’s office in Okotoks. It was about a 40 min drive from my aunt’s house. First Dr.Poole met with me alone and we went over Wesley’s medical history. I learned a lot during that one on one time. For example Tylenol prevents your body from naturally detoxing for 21 days. Also she explained why Wesley cannot sit still at the dinner table. It is because he is busy moving trying to get his food to digest.

Wesley was amazing when he came in. I could tell the doctor was nerve that he was going to get aggressive, no matter how much I assured her he wouldn’t. She told me none of the parents of the children that attacked her expected them too. But by the end of the appointment she was amazed by Wesley and told him he was the best patient who came in for a first visit she has ever met. She went on to tell me, that I did him a great service cutting out gluten and dairy when I did. It may have saved his gut from more damage. She found that the cough his peds doctor told me was “Just a virus” was actually the start of bronchitis. Also we found protein in his urine. So this is a sign his kidneys are not working properly.

After her thorough evaluation these are the remedies she suggested to us.

1)      Solidago Similiaplex- Kidney Support

2)      Nuxvomica-Similiaplex- GI Support and Leaky Gut

3)      Lymphdiaral- Lymphatic Support

4)      Pascoleucyn- Enhances the body’s natural defences in acute and chronic illnesses

5)      Drosera Similiaplex- Bronchial and lung conditions

6)      Guna VRS- Viral Infections with acute and chronic Inflammatory presentation

7)      B12 plus folic Acid Nose Spray- Supports Methylation and Nerval

8)      Vaccinium vitis idea- Heals the mucosal membranes in the intestine

9)      Euphorbium- Chronic sinusitis

10)   Guna Flam-  Acute and Chronic inflammations in various areas.

11)   Tartephedrel- Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis

12)   Wobenzyme-  Useful for breaking down problem protein. Helps eliminate reactions from gfcf/IgG infractions. Muscle support

13)   Selenium- Antioxidant, immune system, Heavey metal detox, basic formula for ADHD, supports brain functions (start on day 7)

14)   Focus DMG- Improvement Behaviors : More eye contact, decreases frustration, improves speech and interest in interacting socially, decreasing aggressive behaviour towards self and others in severe cases, immune functioning (start on day 14)

For most of them I can put the morning/noon/night drops in one bottle and have him sip on it throughout the day. As long has he is done by 6-7pm. This is such a relief for me as a parent, I can’t image giving him 14 different products throughout the day. This allows me to prepare a bottle and only little pill box of things when Wesley does to his dad’s or my parents. Heck even when we are or out and about I don’t have to carry 14 bottles in my purse.

During this appointment I also got a talking to about my own health. Dr Poole sent me home with supplements to help heal a bad cough I had developed since arriving in Alberta. She also recommended I start taking Vitamin B12 shots to deal with my stress levels and my shaky hands. I feel like she hit the nail on the head on a lot of the problems I have been having.

One thing she made clear to me, I need to start caring for myself because I’m not taking enough time for me and in the end everyone will suffer if I’m not well. (Update in 2018: Only now 7 years later have I truly come to understand this statement. I have put my body through hell and back. I wish I had made this a priority back then. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.)

One thing I would recommend to any parent buying remedies from their DAN! Doctor, if possible check prices. My ND at home charges the same price as I would pay online sometimes cheaper. If she can’t sell it to me at that price or cheaper, she doesn’t and just sends me to the store/website to order in myself. With our DAN! Doctor sold me almost everything way above what I would have paid online. Ranging between $10-$20 more. One item even cost me $65 more!! I was kind of in a tight spot. Since we were the last patients on a Friday night, I could a) buy everything and hope it’s cheaper then online or b) wait, and risk that online will be more or that I wouldn’t be able to get it. So now I buy what she recommends to me at first through because she has put in the time and effort to research this and I can respect that. She is a business woman and needs to make a profit. Afterwards I order the products locally or online if I can and it happens to be cheaper.

For the rest of the trip we went to Banff, Lake Louise, and Chinook Mall. My aunt planned a special outing for Wesley and took us all to the Loose Moose Theatre for a kids play. Back when my cousin was a kid, they had session passes.

Friday night I was just exhausted and fell asleep right away. Saturday night I stress about our meeting on Friday, I worried about bring our remedies in carry on because they are radiation sensitive, worried about money, etc. I was just tense and uptight.

Now that we have started using the remedies we got at our visit, I notice Wesley seems to be feeling better. He is finally getting over this cold that wouldn’t go away. It’s hard to tell too much just yet as he was so exhausted from our trip. I hope though as he gets settled in the routine we will began to notice more changes.

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