I know I’m suppose to be taking care of myself. But I’m so stressed. I think I’m still just tired from our weekend. It was a lot to do in a short period of time and there was really know time to relax. I pray everyday this works, but I’m scared if it doesn’t I won’t have any more money to try another type of therapy.
Wesley has been taking half the meds for 4 days, and the full program for 2 days now. He’s still recovering from our trip and being out of element and routine for so long. So its hard to see if its working. Too me he seems like his chronic cough and runny nose are WAY better. Last night we did the dreaded Methyl-B12 nasal spray. He took it pretty good. The first shot he sat fine, but as soon as it was done he told me I’m all done feeling better!” I finally convinced him to let me do the other spray in the other nostril. I personally HATE nasal sprays, so I feel awful doing it to him. But I guess its better then giving him a B12 shot in the bum. Thank God its only every 3 days.
The other difficulty were having is his Wobenzym N tablets. I crush them into piece in apple sauce so he can just swallow it, but he chews the pieces. Then he remembers the taste and doesn’t want to take them. I’m going to have to figure out how to turn them to powder and THEN mix them with apple sauce.

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