Another DAN! Update and other random things.

Well it’s a Wesley and Mommy night tonight since hubby is working. These days I’m usually able to get lots of school stuff done that we missed during the week. And then we can cuddle on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix. It landed up being more cuddling on the couch and less school. I’m taking a round of antibiotics for a kidney infection and it’s just knocking me on my butt. 
Since I only had two daycare children today I had a lot of time to go through my homeschooling items. I need to get a good feel for what I have before the conference. I’m so excited this year now that I know what to expect. Last year I felt like a deer in headlights. This year with one year of homeschooling under my belt I feel like I can benefit more from this. 
I also have to get down to the basement and make sure everything is off the floor. Things are melting outside and with the record snow this winter on an already over saturated ground, I worry our basement will get water in it. But then again it doesn’t look like spring is ready to come yet, now that the sun has set there is yet another blizzard running through Manitoba. I don’t mind because we are inside but tomorrow morning I hope there is not too much snow because we have violin lessons. But give me a blizzard over earthquakes and tsunami any day. 
Oh I feel for all those people in Japan. A friend of mine from high school teaches out there, but thank God she updated her Facebook and let everyone know she was ok.  
I spoke to Wesleys DAN! doctor in Calgary today. I told her we started the DMG and his eczema flared up something bad, but has seem to settle down. She said since DMG is a detox he must be detoxifying through his skin. If his eczema gets too out of control to lower the dose, but since it started looking better this morning not to worry too much about it. At the end of March we should try and up the dose from 1/8 a teaspoon to 1/2 a teaspoon. Then call her back a week after that.  We will also be discontinuing 4 items we no longer need. Some of the other items will need to be run for about 3 more months. His body is so clogged up with toxins from all the antibiotics and immunizations he had as a young baby. 
His tutors have told me his inter-verbal programs that were a constant battle before treatment are finally going very well. As well they have requested more programs because the programs they have that use to last him all day now last 45mins. 
Every evening before bed we cuddle and talk about his day. Usually he says “Mom you cuddle.” meaning he wants to cuddle with me. This even he said “Mom hope in my bed. We cuddle!” This is like music to my ears. I love watching him develop like this. It makes all the money of sunk into this treatment so worth it. 
And the kids appetite has gone through the roof! This afternoon about 1.5 hours after lunch he wanted a snack, so I made pancakes. He ate 4 large pancakes!! I can’t eat that many! His tutor and I were just shocked. It’s so nice to see him able to sit still at the table, not struggle to digest foods, and obviously be absorbing so many nutrients from his foods. I figure this is way he’s eating so much now. His body is working better and realizes “Holy smokes this food gives me vitamins and minerals that I can actually use!”
Well I should get to bed, we have violin tomorrow should we not be snowed in. It’s blowing pretty hard out there. 

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