Dan! Update and homeschooling info

Well I just got off the phone with Wesley DAN! doctor. She is sending him some homeopathic medications to deal with his horrible eczema outbreak. Thankfully this is the only negative side effect we have had with our protocol. And to be honest, this is a small price to pay for the positive outcomes we have had. That being said, I still feel bad for the little guy. He told me “Mom I just scratch it off and it will be better.” Yikes! No! Overall his language is improving, he’s adding more words into his sentences, and he tells me about his day. Last night before bed we told me about all the characters on Bob the Builder and his favorite foods.

His reading is excelling! We completed Set 1 of the Little Books series, and we started Set 2. Now while the stories a very basic, my son loves the antics of all the characters. After completed Set 1 we are very familiar with all the characters and both of us have become very fond of them. I figure it won’t take us nearly as long to get through this set, but we also don’t want to rush through it either.

We are also using Education Cubes. Which is proving to be a Wesley Favorite. Right now we are primarily using it for Sight Words. But soon I’m going to progress to adding provinces as well. In the evenings after we complete our reading, we play a game with these. The game is simple, but Wesley loves it. We basically just take turns rolling the giant dice and reading the words. The fun part is throwing high in the sky and seeing where it will land.

We also started working on Canadian Geography. I printed up these maps from Montessori Print Shop. I was very lucky to receive this as a gift from a wonderful friend. This CDROM is full of so many useful printouts, that the morning after I received it, I ran to Walmart to buy new ink cartridges. Last night we sat down and started flipping through this book and he jumped up on his bed and flipped over his Scholastic Bilingual Talk ‘n Teach Blackboard Playmat to the map side and started finding the provinces and territories on that map too. So it turned into a fun time!

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