Preparing for the next school year

So with the homeschooling conference happening in 2 weeks I figured I’d better get all my ducks in a row. Figure out what I have and what I still need.
I’m looking at purchasing Early Bird Start Up Science. It’s made by the creators of Singapore math. A friend of mine from the board uses it and seems to enjoy it. And Wesley has fully been enjoying his science class every afternoon with his tutor Cassandra. I’ve been getting together little projects from some kitchen science books. But I think a more solid curriculum would be beneficial. The kid loves Science!
Geography, I think I can do this for now without a curriculum. There is so much available on the Internet and we have our Canada map as well as our world map. 
Math, mixture between TouchMath, Christian Light Units, and Singapore Math. 
Language Arts, I’ll be using those Little Books, Headsprout, and I’m thinking of starting up those books I had call Pathway to Phonics and Pathway to Reading. 
Now the only thing I need to decided on is my handwriting program. I’m leaning towards HWT, however A Beka has some workbooks for young children to start writing cursively. So I’m interested to hear what that vendor has to say about that. I really don’t enjoy the Canadian Handwriting program I ordered from HR, it’s like pulling teeth. I guess the sessions are too long for Wesley. His OT always says short session are the key. Otherwise he will get sloppy and just be practicing mistakes. 
I also have some dollarama workbooks, and some Reading Eggs workbooks I need him to complete. Eventually I would like to get us back to doing his Explode the Code workbooks as well. 

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