This is an old entry that was for some reason not posted the other week

Ok so I’m back in business. New hard drive in the computer and were good as new!
Today I had an extra little one to watch. I was excited when one of my first daycare children’s mom called me and asked if I had a spot available for the day. I agreed as long as he was dropped off after 9am and picked up before 3pm as that is Wesley’s tutors hours. So seeing as he is busy working, I only had 3 other little ones to watch. Well of course first thing in the morning Welsey’s tutor called in sick. So I have 5 children to watch today. Yikes! Thank God one of the parents brought me a coffee, and that kept me going. All and all it was ok since all my children are well behaved.
Wesley and I have Suzuki violin lessons tomorrow. I was suppose to start playing with him this week but the bow that came with my mom’s violin is awful, so I’ll have to go tomorrow and buy another one. Then after lessons he’s off with his dad.
Wesley didn’t have any mini-seizures today, but seemed a bit spacey from time to time. I’m hoping this new remedy the DAN! doctor sends us will balance him out. We stopped the digestive enzymes today. So far so good, he seems to be just as hungry. Hopefully his digestive system can take over from here. Our plan basically is to support the body in a way that it can do the work on its own eventually without supplements.
After the mini-seizure incident, a friend suggested I look more into cross-lateral coordination training. Glenn Doman talks about this in his books How Smart Is Your Baby?: Develop And Nurture Your Newborn’s Full Potential, What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child, and How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb: From Birth To Age Six; The Gentle Revolution. I’ve been thinking about starting a crawling program with Wesley, but time and time again I fail. So I think tomorrow, I’m going to go shopping and try and buy a bunch of those big square mats that interconnect and start a crawling program next week. I also contacted a Brain Gym instructor in our area but sadly I honestly don’t think we can afford it right now. I also have to think that I would love to take the course at the IAHP on Brain Injured children. But I’ll continue to pray and hope that the right answer will come to me.

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