Why boys and girls learn differently

This past weekend kizudo and I went to a homeschooling conference. I have to say it was amazing! Kizudo and I were in our glory I think its safe to say as the keynote speaker Andrew Pudewa, was trained under both Suzuki AND Glenn Doman!! Anyhow I plan on writing more about how we cornered him after one seminar and picked his brain for a little bit.
Anyhow one thing he talked about was how boys and girls see and hear things differently. So when your son is making that tiny clicking sounds that drives any mother NUTS, he doesn’t know he’s doing it. Girls tend to hear softer sounds then boys. Same with visual. Boys tend to draw verbs, they want to draw explosions, erruptions, things going fast, crashes. They don’t want to draw a plain old house, they want to draw the house that has been blown up to a million little pieces. Or a rockets moving at the speed of light. While girls want to draw nouns. They want to draw horses, and kittens. Girls will use every color in the box, while boys tend to use one or two colors.
Even in writing boys tend to use more verbs and adjectives. They want to write about how fast the dog can run, they really don’t care what color or texture the dogs fur was. While girls use more nouns and adjectives. They tend to describe in detail what color the dog was, was he happy or mean, what did the yard look like, what was the weather in the scene.
This was all real food for thought for me…
He also talked about how studies show that children do better in school if they split into classes by gender more then age. He also talked about how boys need to move while they learn, so in a class where chairs became optional, marks went up. You might find one boy leaning over a desk, one curled under the desk secret agent style. But they were all working, and excelling in their studies. 
He also talked about how the theory of fight or flight in stress situations ONLY applies to males. When these studies were being done, they only used male mammals, because females had more variations because of their monthly cycles. Now that they have started doing some research using female mammals, they discovered females appear to tend or befriend. When males are stressed they tend to stand and move around, females tend to hid, disappear, sit or lie down.
Andrew also cleared up some stuff for me about my hubby and son’s NEED to fight. To me it is ridiculous to wrestle every night in the living room. To me I just keep thinking someone is going to get hurt! Well turns out males need to play fight. While women brains tend to get foggy during moments of pain (obviously to forget the pain of child birth), pain clarifies the male brain. He used the example of men in war being shot. They need to think clearly to get themselves to safety.
Well needless to say when I came home I understood why my son and hubby are they way they are!

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