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Well we finally figured out the mini-seizure issues. Turns out Wesley has minor inflammation of the brain. Which is apparently fairly common with children on the spectrum, just like inflammation of the digestive tract is normal. Because of shipping delays we were without Guna-FLM for a few days, and oddly enough the mini-seizures came back full force. I haven’t to see one of these seizures but his tutors tell me its pretty scary. His eyes roll back and he is just out of it. They only last 10sec-45secs, but its enough to scare everyone. Except Wesley, he doesn’t seem to notice. Apparently the part of the brain that is typically inflammed is also related to speech. Oddly enough these mini-seizures almost always happen during the intra-verbal part of the sessions.
So we started him on a higher dose of Guna-Flam and I also am to go to the health food store and buy some HEEL-Trameel to keep in my cupboard. This product is like Guna-FLM, so if I ever run out again and the DAN! can’t get me Guna-FLM quick enough we have this. stuff. She likes Guna-FLM better, but the other product HEEL-Trameel does the basically the same thing and is easier to get.
She said as awful as it was for Wesley to have to go through these mini-seizures, we at least now know WHY he is having them, and when we reevaluate his plan this summer, this will play a big part of it.
Now I just have to pray for God to help us afford to drive out to Calgary this summer. I’m blessed to know that we always have a place to stay there for free. But last time flying out there was over $1200. The drive would likely be $300, the appointment would be covered, and then supplements, well that’s where it gets pricey. But the goal is to get a hair analysis done before we leave so we can review the results. Our hopes is to wean him off some of the supplements that have done doing what they are going to do, and evaluated what we need to do next. She has a few ideas, but needs to ask all the right questions and get a look at where Wesley is now.
She is actually very happy with how well Wesley has responded to treatment. Changes are harder for me to notice because I’m with him day in and day out. But people who haven’t seen him in a while really notice a difference in his language.
Things I notice are
– he is eating a lot more. The variety of food has increase. and he is finally gaining weight and fulling out a bit.
– I’m able to have a conversation with him, and he is try to start conversations. He also tells me about things that have happened during his visits with his father or grandparents.
– Temper tantrums and behaviors have decrease 10 folds
– He can function the next day if he goes to bed at 9 instead of 8. Before even the slightest fluctuation in his bedtime would make the next day a living nightmare. Now he can even get to bed an hour and a half past bedtime and be fine the next morning.
Thank-God we took the chance and went out to Calgary. It was worth the money.

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