New Tutor!

Well we got some great news! They hired a new tutor for Wesley! So we lose our current tutor on the 8th of April. And our new tutor should start April 29th. Meaning we are only going to go two weeks without a second tutor. It makes me so sad to lose our current afternoon tutor, as she is fantastic with Wesley, however I’m glad the process in which to hirer a new tutor went faster then usual.
Last night I asked Wesley where he wanted to go for dinner and he told me. “First Mom we go to “dollargrama”(dollarama) for batteries for my playdoh machine, then we go “Hamburger King”(Burger King).”LOL I love when kids say things wrong.
This morning Wesley woke up and insisted on playing with his Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory. He played with it for HOURS, only stopping to eat breakfast and lunch. Then his afternoon tutor came so he had to go upstairs for school. I think I’ve written about this before, but to watch him play with Play-Doh makes me so happy! When he was younger, his tactile senses were so sensitive he would freak out a the touch of Play-Doh. His daycare actually put globs of the stuff on light switches to prevent him from playing with them.
Overall I’m happy with the way Wesley’s homeschooling is going. We are finally in a great routine. And if we miss a day its ok! I think keeping data for ABA on stuff that we do has really helped me stay on top of things.

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