TouchMath Tutor First Grade Software Review/Giveaway *Closed*

Well Wesley and I were very lucky to team up with the great people from TouchMath to review their NEW TouchMath Tutor First Grade Software.

This software showcases vibrant graphics, cheerful music and sound effects, and a true hands-on approach. TouchMath comes to life onscreen while students become so eager to complete each activity they won’t even realize they’re learning critical math concepts! It was developed for use on classroom/home computers –– both with traditional mouse/keyboard functionality AND those computers with touch screen capability. The software is also compatible with Interactive Whiteboards for classroom use. Students are enthralled with the creative imagery as they play to learn: Touching/Counting Patterns, Number Concepts 1–100, Odd and Even, Place Value (11–99), Addition and Subtraction Facts with Objects and TouchPoints, Addition with Counting On, Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction, Addition and Subtraction Fact Families, Addition and Subtraction Word Problems, and Backward Counting (18–0).

TouchMath in our option has done it again, only this time better! The slight glitches from the Kindergarten edition have been corrected. Children no longer have to start from the beginning if they let go of the dot before its placed in the right place. Wesley loves working and filling up the “fuel gauge” at the top of the screen. Sadly my computer kicked the bucket so we lost all of our progress. But Wesley didn’t seem to mind redoing the exercises.

We really liked the explanation videos. They were very clear, interesting for the child and short. I was also impressed that after using the program for only a short time Wesley was already learning about adding 2 digit numbers without any numbers to carry over. Like the Kindergarten software this program was a great introduction for Wesley. It introduced the topics, so when we sat down to worksheets he already had some knowledge and the solution came to him much quicker. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for their Digital Grade One Math Kits to be released later this year, so I we can start working on some more of the skills he is learning with the software. For now I plan on ordering some of the downloadable worksheets to hold us off.

Personally after many hours on Google, a few hundred dollars wasted on other math programs that didn’t work for us, TouchMath is a fun program both my son and I both like. We have finally found a good fit for our family. Once the dots are patterns are memorized your child can use this technique when working out math problems on their own. Math is coming a lot easier to my son now since starting TouchMath.

Some people are concerned about the Double TouchPoints. I was too, but I find that it makes the numbers look neat and tidy, and that makes it easier for the children to work out the problems. From talking to other parents who use this program and from my own experience with my son, children learn the order in which to count the dots very quickly. Using the software my 5 year old had it figured out in only 45mins and he retained that information.

For parents who are required by their state to keep records will find the Student Assessment and Teacher Options very helpful. It records your child Pre-Test and Post-Test scores and there is a print option available so you can provide a copy in your end of the year report.

Overall Wesley and I would recommend this software to anyone doing math at a grade 1 level. Its fun, interactive, colorful, and best of all extremely educational. The theme song is catchy too, Wesley and I sing it every time we start the software up.

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Thank-you to the people at TouchMath for allowing me to review their product. I was provided a free copy of this software in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not paid or required to write a positive review.

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Tracy said…
I would love to try the Kindergarden program.
April 25, 2011 7:15 PM
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