Well the weather has been so beautiful here in Manitoba that I’ve been busy spring cleaning, getting out out of control yard in check and playing outside with the kids I haven’t had much computer time. So here are a few bullets to update everyone with whats going on.

  • Hubby crashed my car. Yikes! He’s perfectly fine, Thank God. The car is well, were still waiting to see if the insurance company will repair it, or if its a write off. I pray it is fixable.
  • Wesley is doing amazing! He had a dental check up today at my old work. No cavities! It was nice to visit with my old co-workers. But I’m glad I’m no longer working there, I’m so much happier being at home with my boy.
  • I made the TOS Homeschool Crew for 2011-2012!! This is very exciting for me. Last year I applied but like I thought I was not accepted. I was a first year homeschooling Momma, and my blog was very new. But I made it my personal goal this year to make the team and I’m so honored to have been accepted!
  • One thing that is creeping up on me is the fact my son turns 6 next month! We are having a Transformer birthday party at McDonald’s. A friend of mine did her son’s birthday party there last month and it was a blast. Plus it seems to be more cost effective and I also love the fact there is someone there to set up and someone to clean up and my house stays in one piece.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the spring. I’m busy praying for the people who are suffering from the floods in our province. 

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