Finally! Our DAN Visit Update!

Well since I can’t sleep I figured I should update about out DAN! visit on Jun 4th.
I have to say it was a blessing that our doctor came out to a little town in Saskatchewan about 5 hours from home. I was struggling to figure out how in the world I was going to get us to Calgary as soon as possible. Then my car got smashed up and I feared that it would be written off and I would not get enough back from insurance to pay off the loan. About an hour after panicking, our DAN! called me and said she was shocked I hadn’t called to book an appointment with her in Carlyle. I told her I was unaware that she was even going to be there. Well thank God she called me because she was going to be working on a Saturday. Not only would I not have to drive 16+ hours to Calgary, I wasn’t even going to have to take time off work.
My parents offered to drive us because our car was still in the shop and the rent-a-car was not allowed to leave the provience. They arrived to pick us up at 10am. We drive a few hours till we hit Brandon, Manitoba. There we stopped to have a few quarter pounders from McDonalds. I know I know not very healthy. But Wesley was doing so well in the car, and since the McD’s diningroom was being renovated, they had a killer deal on there meals and all four of us ate for $16. Everything in moderation is my motto (except for gluten and dairy when it comes to Wesley) Plus there was a picnic area set up with a playstructure. So after he ate, he burned some energy on the swings. I wish I had taken some pictures to share.
Our appointment was scheduled for 4pm, we arrived at 3pm. We looked around and killed some time in the little shops, but really there was not much to do in the little town. I looked at my phone and realized it was 10 to for so we started making our way to her office. That’s when I noticed itthe town clock said it was 2:50pm. At that point it dawned on me, the time changed! Saskatchewan is an hour behind. So we sat in the car and snacked on some munches my mom brought, and Wesley read some books to us. Finally at 3:45(Saskatchewan time) we went in and she saw us almost right away.
The first thing she said when she saw him was “Wow he looks so healthy!!” She took some pictures of his eyes with a diagnostic tool called Iridology. Wesley was a big help here! According to her websites Iridology is:

Iridology is a diagnostic tool that helps the Practitioner see certain signs out of the iris that are in close connection to organ problems and out of the localization of those signs on the iris we can find out where the problems are coming from.

The greatest advantage of Iridology over other forms of health screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptoms actually develops. Therefore, preventive action may be taken to improve health.  Iridology is therefore not concerned with specific symptoms, but with the restoration and maintenance of health by building up the body’s immunity and healing ability.

We then went over what treatments I was using, etc. She discovered he had an eye infection, so recommended something for that. He also had a swollen lymph node, so she upped one of his remedies. She lowered his anti-viral remedy as well as the remedy he was on for mini-seizures. Which thankfully have stopped! Overall she is so impressed with his health and she told Wesley she wished everyone responded this fast to treatment. We can mostly do consults over the phone now and she would like to see us again in 6months to a year. After he is finished the bottle of Refresh we need to do a new hair analysis. The only one we have ever done was from 2008. So I’m excited to see how our detox has worked. Basically we are at a stand still. Once our DAN! gets the results of the hair analysis, she can decided where to go from there. in the next month or so I’m going to start slowing down on some of the detox kit and hope that we can wean him off. 

This is what remedies Wesley is on right now. Besides the nasal spray he takes all of these DAILY. Thank God we can mix 95% of them in a water bootle(pictured here) and have him sip on it throughout the day

After our hour visit we ventured on home. We stopped again in Brandon, Manitoba for dinner. Choosing a sit down restaurant with slightly healthier options. Wesley was getting wiggly, but after a short time I was able to convince him to take a nap.
I am so grateful for:
– My parents for driving us there, and treating us to dinner. They also refused to accept gas money. And also letting me use their credit card to pay for the visit until I can pay them back with our tax return. God Bless them!
– Our DAN! doctor for coming out to Carlyle and saving us the financial burden of driving or flying out to Calgary. Also and even more importantly for working with Wesley and improving his health dramatically!
– For my hubby. He took car of getting the car from the shop and returning the rent-a-car while I was away
– And to everyone that is praying for Wesley. I truly believe God is helping him. I feel so confident that he will live a normal life. We are so close to kicking Autism’s Butt! So please if your the praying type, please say a special little prayer for my little man.
– I am so grateful for Wesley. I am blessed to have a little boy who gives me love and hugs. So many mom’s with children on the spectrum will never experience this. I pray for them daily and praise God for giving the gift of love from my child to me.
I remember praying one day at work when I was pregnant with Wesley. We had a patient come in with autism. I was so pained for this mother who had to watch her son deal with this. I just prayed God would protect my child. And there I was 2 years later getting the same diagnosis as this mother had received. Now though I see it as a blessing. Wesley has made me a stronger person. His diagnosis has built a bond between us like no other. I know we are one of the lucky ones. He has helped me appreciated LIFE!

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